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    CAGE wrote:
    Dont know sorry you will be able to tell me :-)
    You are dark

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    Looking for:

    Spritzee (quiet, ideally)
    Dratini (adamant)
    Honeedge (any)
    Mawlie (careful)

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    If anyone could get their hands on a 6IV ditto I'd love to borrow it for a while

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    Anyone got a Regenerator Tangela/Tangrowth they can trade me? I have HA froakies, chimchars and loads of other stuff to trade.

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    Lennysaurus wrote:
    Anyone got a Regenerator Tangela/Tangrowth they can trade me? I have HA froakies, chimchars and loads of other stuff to trade.

    I might have other stuff if your keen to do a trade?

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    I got one now but if I have stuff you want just start a trade with me. IGN: Lenny / FC: 3368 2262 5903

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    Lurkin reddit all day for a ditto :'(

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    JC wrote:
    Lurkin reddit all day for a ditto :'(
    I can give you one if you want

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    CAGE wrote:
    I can give you one if you want
    I was after a friend safari one so I can breed a 6IV, unless that's what you have

    Holy ****, Lenny has beaten the E4 68 times

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    You can't breed Dittos, so you would have to catch one. And the chances of getting a 6IV ditto are something like one in five million. Most of the 6IV dittos floating around are either hacked, RNGed, or cloned.

    Lol yeah I used the elite 4 to level up all the pokemon I had IV bred and EV trained till I found out the Le Wow was faster.

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    Le Wow is such a moneyspinner

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    Yeah Le Wow is damn good.

    I think I have a problem, 844 trades made (90% of them Wonder Trades). My major frustration at the moment is that there is no way to jump on the GTS and go "I have one of [These], what do people have to trade for one" seems like it'd be an obvious option, but, Nintendo.

    Also, JC, you have a Ghost safari with Phantump and Lampent.

    I'm still on the look out for more friend codes, feel free to add me: 4399 0420 3207 Water Type: Bibarel, Gyrados, Polywhirl (whoop-de-****)

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    Looking for hidden ability talonflame (adamant)

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    Shikari wrote:
    Looking for hidden ability talonflame (adamant)
    Heya man. Just got back from out of town and saw this. If you don't have it yet, I can make one for you later tonight.

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    Anyone got any huge bower bunnelby or diggersby they can trade me? I have tons of stuff for trade just let me know what youre looking for.

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    Looking for an adamant guts Hariyama

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    Also looking for a Telepathy Kirlia (relaxed, ideally) - sussed now
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    Anyone got a dawn stone I can have? plzzz

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    Does anyone have the cards for the event pokemon from BW or BW2? Especially Mew and Victini? I lost my game awhile ago and I'm thinking of getting another one if I can get the event pokemon back

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    I put it up to trade and nothing happen so I closed out

    just doing some rng at the moment, you need it right now?

    /take it to pm

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    After Japanese Movie Diancie.. Anyone got one?

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    Hey guys im looking for porygon 2, spritzee evolution

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    Anyone have a Timid Synchronize Pokemon they don't need?

    Edit: I hatched around 50 Ralts to get a timid synchronizer so if anyone needs pretty much any nature synchronizer to help with getting legendaries with good natures let me know as I should have one.
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    Does anyone have a 6iv ditto in gen 6 I could borrow please?

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    I have got a few now if anyone wants one.