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    Had some amazing luck in WonderTrade (Moon).

    First time I booted the game up in about a year, jumped in for a WT and connected with Auslove.TV (twitch channel that WT's shiny's) and got me a decent mons (can't remember who it was, and I don't check IV's etc)

    Same thing happened last night, but another streaming channel Mitsuki.TV (I think). Shiny Mew. Going through my mons I also have another Grottle from Mitsuki as well.

    edit: and another! got a shiny Sandygast on my lunchbreak from some german stream lol

    not even mad if they are hacked (probably are)

    Doing a bit of a drive (again) to get as many mons as I can. I won't say 100% the national dex coz I just don't have time. But it's super fun and rewarding getting new mons through WT, evolving them, and even through GTS, then uploading into the pokebank.

    I'm currently missing about 180 pokemon I'd say which is still a decent effort considering I only own Moon (100% dex), Omega Sun (not 100%) and Yellow (barely started but still got 80% of gen 1)
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    donate whatever pokemon you have, i am a beginner !! 9Apps VidMate
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    By any chance could help me with Meltan & Melmetal? Let me know what your after and we could arrange a trade