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    News: Final Mass Effect 2 mission dated

    BioWare has announced that Mass Effect: Arrival, the final mission for Mass Effect 2, will be available for download on March 30, 2011.

    In Arrival, Commander Shepard is sent to the edge of the galaxy to rescue an undercover operative who may have evidence of an imminent Reaper invasion that has been looming since the very beginning of the series.
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    ye ye ye yar

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    oh sick. cannot wait

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    Need to finish my latest play through like 30 hours in. I am just doing every mission I can find, I will probably clock it after I play this DLC.

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    Just reinstalled ME2 on my PC. I still need to play through the Lair of the Shadow Broker, and then this new DLC when it comes out.

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    will grab all the old DLC while im at it

    do i start a new game (re roll after completion) for the DLC's or use a save mid\endgame?

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    Anyone know if its March 30 nz time or...?

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    Is it free?

    Just read that it's not. Oh well. Apparently it's really short.

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    Its out now for anyone interested...just downloading.

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    and its shit.

    After Shadow Broker I was expecting something a little meatier tbh. As it supposed to be the bridging DLC from ME2 to ME3 you'd think they would have made more of an effort.

    spoilerish rundown

    imo dont bother with this its bland and doesnt even provide what it was promising. 3 out of 10

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    The first half was a chore to get through.

    A level blatantly convoluted to make the DLC longer and a protect the team mate with limited health gambit.
    How ****ING AMAZING.

    The second, possibly the most predictable twist in any form of digital entertainment ever created?
    I say yes.

    Might as well watch the final cut scene on youtube and save yourself an hours worth of meh.

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    TemptedNZ wrote:
    Might as well watch the final cut scene on youtube and save yourself an hours worth of meh.
    Agree 100%

    You're right about it being padded too. Seriously what the hell is going on at BioWare these days? I've been a supporter of DLC from day one. As long as its done correctly, and BioWare have a reasonable hit rate with decent DLC (note day 1 DLC is always evil, and retailer specific item DLC is insidious money grabbing bullshit). A few of the ME2 DLCs were well done and actually worth the money. I would prefer an actual expansion pack though. A decent 10+ hours of additional quality content in one hit. I find that with most mission DLC I just stockpile them until I have a bunch (I have all the ME2 DLC but didnt play anyof them until Shadow Broker dropped) that way I get a decent amount of play in one hit.

    DLC is a great idea that is being used incorrectly. It now more often than not a cash grab and not a platform for continuous content updates.

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    They need to have a clear outline of what they plan to do DLC wise before release.
    I hate when they release eight/ten DLCs for a single game of varying degrees of length and quality.
    Make a new game FFS, stop milking me you bastards.

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    It was ok for how cheap it was and any excuse to play more ME2 was ok with me.
    I found the conceit of playing the mission solo made the final survive-the-waves section quite challenging (was playing on Insanity).
    Roll on ME3!


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    So, I've just re-purchased ME2 on 360. My first two playthroughs were last year. This playthrough I started with a heap of extra minerals and scanning is waaay faster than I remember it being. It makes the game much more fun!

    Guessing its been patched?

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    darryn wrote:

    Guessing its been patched?

    Reckon they should bring make actual planet exploration via Hammerhead in ME3, scanning minerals/side missions was balls compared to ME1.

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    Planet scanning has been confirmed for ME3.

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    Ugh, gay. I blame the over-reaction to the Mako exploration mechanic in ME1, which was nowhere near as unwieldy and tedious as people made out.

    I'd hoped that the appearance of the Hammerhead in ME2 DLC meant they were looking at bringing back planetary exploration.

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    The Hammerhead was WORSE than the Mako -far, far worse...

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    They are both pretty basic...its not exactly Gran Turismo.

    I liked the massive distances and speeds you could cover in the Hammerhead. However it was made out of tissue paper just like the Mako.

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    Gwarden wrote:
    Ugh, gay. I blame the over-reaction to the Mako exploration mechanic in ME1, which was nowhere near as unwieldy and tedious as people made out.
    That, I didn't even notice. Was only brought to my attention on ME2s release that anyone had any trouble with it.
    "Oh it's so difficult to drive", what?
    Are you taking the piss? It wasn't rocket science.

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    I disliked the Mako missions, not because the Mako was unwieldy but because they were boring.
    The random/generic missions were
    1. Land on ugly low res textured (green, grey, brown, or a combo of the 3) bumpy planet
    2. Roam around find random resource and/or
    3. Roam around find the same wreckage as every other planet and/or
    4. Roam around find the same generic building as every other planet and/or
    5. Shoot some robots, or their zombie pets
    6. Win.

    The scripted ones were only slightly better. Same as generic planets + 1 settlement/building with stuff to do.

    I realize that highly detailed planets would have meant a much larger game, a much longer dev cycle due to increased assets, scripting, etc but the planets as they were just felt like filler.

    I had no issue with the Mako itself

    Like many of "improvements" in ME2 the scanning was a cut down version of the Mako missions. Except rather than pilot the Mako you just point the crosshair to locate you resource/encounter/mission. Like the inventory, combat, and leveling it just a simpler less involving version of what came before. Its easier to remove stuff than actually improve them. I admit the combat mechanics are better in ME2, but the removal of a lot of the tactical options, and the addition of the overused cover system actually for lack of a better term dumbed it down.

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    cryocore wrote:
    Seriously what the hell is going on at BioWare these days?
    Electronic Arts.

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    +1 for actually visiting random planets and hunting for stuff > scanning for minerals