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    Gameserver issues and updates

    If you have any issues with the gameservers could you please post here - I'll try post here when I change stuff too

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    I've updated Sourcemod to 1.2.3 now, shouldn't notice any changes

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    The ads should also be working on the TF2 servers now as well.

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    updated TF2
    Team Fortress 2:
    - Added "tf_allow_player_use" server ConVar to control players executing +use while playing (defaults to 0)
    - Fixed a bug where full backpacks resulted in an item being repeatedly found each time the game is started
    - Fixed being able to burn players/buildings that are in the water while standing outside the water
    - Fixed teleporting Spies getting stuck in enemy players standing on the exit
    - Fixed server log not listing telefrag kills as weapon "telefrag"
    - Fixed the Pyro's airblast pushing Spectators in free-look mode
    - Fixed Pyro's Hadouken killing Scouts that have used Bonk! and are phasing
    - Fixed freezecam screenshots sometimes being saved outside the Screenshots folder
    - Fixed deathnotice and server log entries not using the unique item names/icons when buildings are destroyed
    - Fixed a case where the weapon selection menu wasn't drawing the images of non-standard items if the player was using hud_fastswitch 1 and using slot7-10 to view the panel
    - Fixed CTF HUD not centering the flag panel if there is only one active flag

    Community requests:
    - Added the ability to set a parent for the item_teamflag entity
    - Added OnPickUpTeam1 and OnPickUpTeam2 outputs to the item_teamflag entity
    - Added intro movie .mp3 files to the sound/misc folder

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    BF2 has been updated to v1.5.3153-802.0

    do you have the booking id tom ?

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    tomtard wrote:
    hey James last night we booked a server about 10pm/11pm cant remember the time but it was really laggy and ppl were warping all over the place was getting about 50choke
    Welcome to New Zealand internet :P hehe

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    checked the server for the booking 9673221 - cpu never went above 30%, network never above 800k, can't see anything wrong with it

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    issue with some bookings on games4 (, have re-installed CSS and servers appear to be spawning again now

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    np James, they all had been using OGC servers without asking :P

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    sonsee wrote:
    np James, they all had been using OGC servers without asking :P
    We played some clan on one of the ogc servers the other night, rego was good, didn't seem to have the option to knife tho cause they stacked CT and then just started the map. Didn't matter cause they got rolled 15-0 as T's.

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    sonsee wrote:
    np James, they all had been using OGC servers without asking :P
    hey some of us ask before using them

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    Mate, what you both talking about ay...
    got that controller btw, looks like a transformer or something

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    Sourcebans has been updated

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    Sourcebans updated to 1.4.5
    HlstatsX:CE updated to 1.6.1

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    games8 went down in the weekend - PSU failure. Looking into replacing it now

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    Well, the PSU has been replaced, but the bootloader was corrupted or something...had to fully reinstall should be back in a few days

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    Should be back. Any issues let me know. The gotgames pug server has yet to be re-installed.

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    Shade wrote:
    The gotgames pug server has yet to be re-installed.
    sweet, Let me know when you get around to it.

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    Waiting for twelve-60

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    No proper war.cfg on the 1.6 booking servers. :<

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    NBR wrote:
    No proper war.cfg on the 1.6 booking servers. :<

    Your best bet is uploading/posting one.

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    Gameplanet now provide a 1.6 server; details below

    Gameplanet CS (A) -

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    do you mean war cvar settings? they should be on by default

    or are you talking about a lo3 script?

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    i think there is a setup script on the booking servers it just has some wrong settings with it?

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    I've changed the default setup script for the booking servers - should be better now.

    Can you let me know if any settings need to be changed for the temp 1.6 servers