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Enable public FF vote

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8 44.44%
10 55.56%
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    css Gameplanet NZ -- New Zealand -- CS Source [Assault]

    Should there be a public vote for enabling Friendly Fire?

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    I've experienced playing on an assault server, with ff enabled. Not only did it annoy alot of users with the accidental friendly fire, but it also resulted in the abuse of the "Votekick System".

    (Friendly fire should only be enabled for wars, even though i still manage to hit my own team mates. Lol!!) =)

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    i reckon off, people like myself just grief the players otherwise

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    I like it, but then again you`ll get **** tards just spamming you with nades or shooting you.. there should be a tk over time/kick ?;o

    hi guys~

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    Please dont put FF on, it will ruin the assault map, since the map is mostly in a close combat situation, with FF on will create a lot of inconvience.
    Such as.. what if CT trying to rush BBD? You'll have more CT TK than Ts Killing CT, and with no offence, noobs tend to spray when they got flashed..
    triple TK when got flashed? I can see that happen
    But if, if there is a huge public demand on having FF on, maybe you can look into having a auto kick system which will kick people for intentional TK, or in some other servers which I played
    they have auto kill when people trying to shoot each other in spawn, and 3 TK in a short time will result in a temp-ban maybe about a day.

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    Yip +1 for NO to FF it just makes things messy

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    messy lol

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    well it kinda does!

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    FLANK EM AND **** EM.

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    Is anyone else finding heaps of asshat's? eg teamflashers, glitchers

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    Why can't we voteban people anymore?

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    +1 for voteban/kick PLEASE

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    There's been countless people over the last week or so botting their way through the servers with no way to voteban them. I know admins have lives and all, but it sucks having to either get owned for lots of rounds or sit on spec, and I'd rather the server Voteban the bastards then have to chase after an admin that's online.

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    Voting on the CSS servers will be back very soon. Had to fix some other bugs first.

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    chur !!!!

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    Cheers mateeeey!

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    Voting will be enabled at the next OB engine update. Servers are abit busy to take down for plugin updates.

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    so NO ff but voteban/kick?

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    NO Friendlyfire

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    cool beans

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    how about reset rank???????????

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    memphis28109 wrote:
    how about reset rank???????????

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    may i ass why? just kinda weeing into the wind with jse at 32,xxx points and others at 20K+

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    memphis28109 wrote:
    may i ass

    Thats because he plays every day to get those points. No joke.

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    what's in his ass?