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    Calorie tracker for weights

    Just wondering, is there a method to track how many calories you burn during lifting?

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    can't help, never tracking calories with lifting.

    at that level of analysis I'd rather work on my mental focus/motivation ... just don't think the opportunity cost is there

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    There are some fitness tracking watches for weight lifting - you gotta buy them from the USA


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    Nah I meant like some sort of chart or guideline?

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    It's best to just assume you don't burn any. Energy used for strength training is minimal, likely only a couple of hundred cal/hr.

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    I think some mobile app could do it

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    Just track your heart rate with your smart watch. It's not like the type of exercise makes a difference how you track it.

    You'll probably burn at most a couple hundy calories in an hour weight session.

    But with resistance training, it's more about the EPOC and having more muscle mass to burn more calories at rest.

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    True. The simplest smart watch will do for sure. I got Amazfit Bip for running as this article advised because of built-in GPS tracker and heart rate checker but I guess all of them have those features.