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    CBS has decided to end Elementary after its 7th season.

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    Supernatural is back for season 15. lol.

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    No surprises there with the rabid fan base it has.

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    I though they were looking to end it. I stopped watching around season 8, i wonder how many times they have been to hell and back now.

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    I think one of the brothers is the devil now or something. I think I stopped at 7? I dunno.

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    ^Dean had the curse and mark of Cain for awhile, but they got past that. The first six seasons was the story arc to hell the show creator was in charge of. I am up to season 11 I think, I haven't watched it lately.

    I remember they said they'd keep making it, along as their is an audience for it. Not many actors can claim that kind of steady work, so I can't blame them.

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    The CW also renewed the entire arrowverse.

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    Valeyard wrote:
    The CW also renewed the entire arrowverse.

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    jords wrote:
    One of the few things we agree on lol

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    Olivia Munn has had discussions about rebooting the newsroom with Aaron Sorkin.

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    Newsroom was somehow both valid and cringey.

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    Couldn't agree more. I liked it tho.

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    Supernatural to end with Season 15.

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    I honestly thought they'd keep making it till it didn't rate anymore - but 15 seasons is a hell of a long time anyway. Looks like I have 4 seasons to catch up on before that then to avoid spoilers for the ending.

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    ohhh this "might " be decent.

    Live-Action 'Warhammer 40,000' TV Series in the Works From 'Man in the High Castle' Creator

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    Anyone watch Carnival Row?

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    jords wrote:
    Anyone watch Carnival Row?
    Just watched the first episode and it was not bad pretty relevant at the moment seeing as I'm playing Greedfall definitely some parallels in there.

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    CW renews the majority of its superhero lineup including Batwoman excluding arrow obviously which is ending this season. I'm actually stunned batwoman made it. its just a bad show. Glad flash is back for season 7 all though they really should think about ending it soon. I dont want it to get the supernatural treatment and just go on forever.