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    Lykee responded to my support ticket today, 4.5 months after I logged it

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    One way to pump ETH

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    vechain whitepaper dropped today, ~120 pages

    im quietly excited for the mainnet ...

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    Hey has anyone here tried ?

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    so is this little fad dead now?

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    stacrafty wrote:
    so is this little fad dead now?
    A bit more than normal yep! Not sure what normal is anymore lol

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    Only more than normal because it was pumped so high. Bitcoin has been declared 'dead' so many times been that it holds little weight.

    Still in the green and waiting to top up

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    I've been working on some masternode coins myself. MCT, MDEX and a little bit of XMN and MANO as high-risk, low-expectation gambles.

    Minex is taking a punt at putting out a card. IMO that's make-or-break for them. If they do a LTC and back out after making a big hoopla I doubt anyone will take it seriously again.

    Everything else is just sitting quietly in the corner waiting for stuff to happen.

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    waiting for bradc to show up, then it's time to buy

    somebody will get this

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    looking to buy around $200nz of ETH
    msg me!

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    Predictions on bitcoin price by the end of this year?