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    Watch video...

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    More I see the more I feel like its just going to be so much better on PC, might have to get both versions..

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    BF3 confirmed for GOTY.

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    That makes me want to finally get a good gaming PC. I've been planning on getting one for awhile but I'm saving for a holiday in August. I think a PC will be my first major purchase after that.

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    Holy ****ing shit @ destruction, animations and scale! Those rockets launching at night near the end of the trailer could pass off as real.

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    Shit yes, this looks amazing. The big expansive desert looked badass!! Ahhh getting excited about this one now, just like it was back in the months leading up to BF2 anyone ???

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    I just like the fact PC is the lead platform , i don't spend $1500-$2000 on a new PC to play a ported dumbed down PS3/360 games. 64player battles , this game is going to be mad.