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    Murakami wrote:
    The entire Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop soundtrack. Best anime OSTs ever.

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    Opening FMA

    First Ending FMA

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    My gf loves Orange range and has a thing for the guy with dreads in their band.

    I have Asterisk it's a cool song

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    woofz wrote:
    That was awesome

    But why don't I remember watching 2nd GIG with that OP?

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    Both of these are epic sauce - the uverworld one especially, there's not enough sax in rock ; P

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    Would recommend these:

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    Kazuya S wrote:
    Would recommend these:

    Dunno how I forgot about Eden of the East, loooved this OP.


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    Watching Gintama at the moment and I love this song.

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    Just saw the lunar legend intro. Sweet ninja I remember that one ^^

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    I quite like Madoka's ending, best of luck trying to find a video of that though.

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    Havent seen this series for a long time

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    Full song to bakemonogatari ed

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    Not sure if this has been posted yet.

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