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    Junkie cat

    I was cleaning up the fence today with some bleach stuff (30 second .. something) and I left the container on the ground by the shed, thinking it was safe. Noooooooo. One of our cats went up to it and started sniffing it, sitting down & rolling around by the container.

    Left the cat thinking it would be OK because the top was on and all. Went to check on it 30 minutes later and the cat knocked over the container, making it leak. Cat was basically on a high. I took the container away and put it in the shed. What I wasn't expecting was the cat to hiss at me and follow me, staring at the container. It was walking around like a drunk person after that.

    This isn't the first time that one cat has got high on bleach before. First happened around 3 months ago ...

    Any of you guys have experience with junkie cats, rehab stories, etc?

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    Yea, I have made the mistake of patting the cat after washing the house with 30 seconds and having the stuff on my hands, at first shes super affectionate and rubs her face lots against my hands, then the biting starts. lemon juice kills the scent, from memory.