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    "As the Crusaders and Reds prepare to clash this Saturday at Suncorp for the Super Rugby final, we thought wed look to Rugby Challenge to provide some insight into how the game may turn out. We fired up the game and pitted these two great sides against each other in a simulated clash.

    In a hard fought match, our simulation had the Crusaders edge out the Reds 29 to 20. Maitland scored the first try of the game, with McCaw and Carter also picking up tries for the Crusaders, and Maitland grabbing a double late in the game. Carter landed 4 from 5 shots at goal including one successful penalty. Davies and Cooper scored a try each for the Reds, with Cooper converting both as well as kicking two penalties.

    Of course, anything can happen on the day, and while they were successful in a simulation in our studio, the Crusaders will have their work cut out for them in real life against the Reds at Suncorp. The team here anticipates some great franchise rugby this weekend, whatever the real final result may be."

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    time to put money on the Crusaders? This game simulates the future!

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    Why are the 2 props facing the hooker in the lineout?

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    cool some more screenshots....