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    HoN F2P

    So HoN has gone free to play, what's every ones take on this?

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    Always played LoL, but might give it a try now that it's free.

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    I'm fine with it - apart from the "early access" BS

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    I'm very happy that HoN has finally decided to go this way. I only wanna see HoN do better because I think the S2 team are far superior to Riot.
    I hope it does well being f2p getting all the poor/cheap players that they originally missed and shove it in Riots face that if both were on an even playing field HoN'd be more poular.

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    Free to play - HON

    Now to free play
    Check it out

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    Its not going to do anything to LoL

    HoN isnt for light gamers, like LoL is

    Glad to see it go F2P though, will open up many avenues

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    I beg to differ, look at the betas for both games. HoN will be need to be doing some catching up thou...

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    Agree with Kazza, just don't like the early access bs.

    I think a lot of people will give it a go but we will have to wait and see if they actually stay.