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    What a series. So happy I watched it. Got up this morning and was able to watch it all live.

    What a story for OG to win that TI. From being one of the most feared teams, to bombing out of TIs constantly. Losing S4, Fly, and Ana. Getting Ana back and rebuilding to go and win TI from the open qualifiers. Amazing story and cool to see Notail lift the Aegis. I feel like Notail was a bit of a passenger for the most part. He did pull out some clutch Winter Wyvern plays in one of the games, but for the most part it was either Ana or Topson who kept them in it. Along with Jerax and Ceb chipping in some clutch plays at times too.

    So happy LGD didn't win it. Can't stand Somnus' face.

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    Yeah it was awesome, glad the underdogs won.

    And yeah, Ana is a god. He's got a bright future ahead considering he's only 18.

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    I only watched the two OG v LGD series from the last two days so missed a bit of the drama from other match ups.

    Check out the death stare that Notail gives to Fly in this video.

    I didn't know if Fly and S4 left on good terms or bad terms. Now I know.

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    the second to last game was absolutely crazy. OG just kept bringing it back when it looked like it was over.
    And game 5 was the same. FY rotations just completely destroyed OG's early game but they won some crazy team fights and made huge comeback plays!!

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    I just caught the last game it was good

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    what supports app on the mobile device you usually use?

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    Anyone here want Dota plus 6 months for 20nzd? PM me

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    Slarks back boyz

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    Who’s liking 7.20 so far?

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    Anyone following what happened to Kuku?

    Heard he was calling chinese players racist remarks and then he got removed from the tournament.

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    holocaust wrote:
    Anyone following what happened to Kuku?

    Heard he was calling chinese players racist remarks and then he got removed from the tournament.
    I've only just heard about this. What was the outcome?

    I saw that some casters threatened to boycott the tournament. I thought it was a boycott because valve were going to let him play instead of the other way around. They were going to boycott if he got banned because they feel he just made a little mistake.

    I've just got back into playing DOTA after about a year of not playing. I'd watched a heap of TI8 videos including watching True Sight multiple times so I decided to play again.

    Not enjoying it very much yet. Losing a lot haha. I also met an incredibly toxic person even by DOTA standards. I was playing Shaman support and he started abusing me 4 minutes into the game for no reason. One of the first people I've just had to mute. What a garbage person. I don't think I've played another game with the level of toxicity that DOTA has.

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    sometimes it makes sense to play non ranked and just play for fun and do fun/dumb stuff.
    if you play ranked play a carry core position and mute the idiots straightaway

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    I love it from the bottom of my heart and play it since the very release of dota 2.
    I'm wondering if many of you gust are interested in pro esports and follow current tournaments, because this year's season is at the full blast. Who are your fav team? Mine is Virtus and I strongly disagree that they take the 2nd place, after the Secret (i've checked this rating, takes some world data i guess), curious to hear your opinion on that

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    battlepass should be out soon

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    fav teams, vi
    saving my money so I can get a lvl 75 battlepass straight away I can't wait to spam the voice chat in 12v12

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    battle pass news/reveal tomorrow

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    Did anyone manage to purchase TI tickets? if so and if you have spare can you please let me know. I missed out

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    It'll be pretty subpar live unless you understand mandarin

    new patch EVERYONE GETS AGHS

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    Anyone been watching The International 9?

    Grand Finals are tomorrow, games have been crazy as shit!

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    yep, liquid havent given up a game on main stage yet, they've played great since the rough group stage

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    Congrats OG.

    They are the best organization in the world, winning tonnes of major and a back to back The International aegis.

    Well played. I was cheering for Team Liquid but you've got to give OG the credit, they are the best of the best, the crème de la crème.

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    meh. I think hero picks alone account for 60-80% win probability, esp who has the right FOTM heroes.

    I thought TL's core lineup was very weak & way more easy to counter, especially relying on pulling off enig/tide/rhasta ult and having TA/Jugg to be able to dps.

    Should make it so that if u win a game, you can't use the heroes again for the remainder of Best-of-3.

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    i dont think hero picks alone account for 60-80% of win probability. It depends on SO many things. how it is played, indv skill level, teamwork, judgement, lane match up (see some games where they cant even decide which lanes to go to and end up jungling for the first 2 minutes), execution of combos, giving up early towers and rax to turn it after 25-30 minutes, so many different things.

    all of these factors are strategies that are developed by each team and practiced etc. you would imagine by the final main stage events, most of these players have got the mechanical skill down to a fine art so its also about nerves, mental state, not being tilted by the mind games, and sticking with the strategy.

    one wrong move or judgement call can turn into an instant loss despite winning for the first 35 minutes etc.

    also, the picking stage is a huge mental challenge with the banning and picking phases and I think it is absolutely fine the way it is now. they have really improved this aspect of the game and it really is up to each time to have enough in their hero pool to play despite what bans come out and to counter the enemy line up.

    If a team abuses a winning line up, the opposite team has every opportunity to ban it but they then open doors for other line ups (such as liquid vs lgd, lgd thought they could handle it but they couldnt)

    anyway, amazing series and OG deserved that win for sure with the amazing performance on all 4 games. every game was as good as the last one in the finals.

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    Yeah, I'm lost for words and have to keep my mouth shut simply because I can't say anything bad about them.

    Hands down, they are the best team in the world right now even if I was cheering on Team Liquid, but you've got to give OG the credit they deserve because they smashed through the group stages and remained on top in the upper bracket to the grand finals - it was no fluke like how some people claimed last years T.I was a fluke. They just made history by becoming back to back champions.

    I was at a pubstomp meeting up with a teammate with whom I play with regulary in Battle Cup watching the finals and had a very good time. It was good to get out there, crowd was amazing and cheering on both teams, funny moment was when no one was cheering on LGD lmao.

    Would recommend anyone who's hard out into Dota 2, go to a pubstomp or maybe T.I next year in Stockholm!

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