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    Nice climb dude, hit that 3k!

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    New changes to hex ****ed slark completely

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    I dunno, you just have to buy linkens really. Slark's laning phase really sucks though, and a good chunk of his farm is reliant on successful ganks with shadow blade. If you can't pull those off late game will be a struggle. Also if you're behind on farm (Skadi is looking too expensive) you just opt for SnY. MKB is also way better for him now.

    Also I think Weaver's first talent is pretty broken in lower brackets (the +25% experience gain). You gain a lot of levels over the enemy's carries much earlier (without doing anything) which is insane.

    Keen to bash Viper and WK a bit. The new agi hero is pretty lol too

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    iNx wrote:
    Nice climb dude, hit that 3k!
    Don't think I'll be able to before they replace mmr lol

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    Forgot about the new MMR system, when is it replacing points with badges?

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    I dunno bro, they said 2 weeks after patch, which was two days ago. So no idea, maybe it's delayed.

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    Really enjoying Turbo mode atm. I often can't commit to 1hr+ for a ranked so finding the fast pace so good.

    Only issue is I'll never get that geared as position 5 - Sky wrath with items is nasty.