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    **** yeah man that looks dope. I've always wanted to attend a T.I. tbh, maybe I'll try make it happen

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    Thenks for informations

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    Quite enjoying Midas Mode right now. Nice change of pace post-TI.

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    This game is lengend. huhuhuhuuhuh

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    I also want to participate in the tournament

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    I want to shout out to some of the people in this sub.

    You, that got to a rank he really wanted to, but never posted a thread about it.

    That dude that had a birthday gift from someone that was Dota 2 related, and just kept it to himself.

    The player that had a full green screen of wins this week and never said anything about it.

    The poor dude that got his game ruined twice in a row by smurfs in the opposite team, but just queued for a 3rd match and forgot about it.

    That Dota + subscriber that isn't really happy with the product, but oh well, he won't complain about it either.

    The father that is still playing Dota 2 and still no one in this sub knows that he is a father that still plays Dota 2.

    The immortal player that never mentioned he's immortal.

    The guy that doesn't care if the game is dying or not, he will just play it as long as it's alive.

    The one that turns off twitch chat while he's watching professional dota 2.

    I respect you, I know you are out there, and you are very much appreciated....