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    Been watching a lot of T.I lately, I've noticed Night Stalker is the most consistent hero in the meta atm - he is either picked or banned.

    Must be something to do with vision, but man seems like pro teams hate/like him a lot.

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    his recent buff that gives him flying vision makes him incredibly strong. Vision is op in pro dota. Also means he doesnt need aghs anymore, can go utility items.

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    NaCh0 wrote:
    his recent buff that gives him flying vision makes him incredibly strong. Vision is op in pro dota. Also means he doesnt need aghs anymore, can go utility items.
    Yeah, I was reading a reddit thread, vision is everything in Pro dota apparently. His new 3rd skill already got nerfed in 7.06e, yet it's still OP.

    LFY looking very strong, my goodness. They are the biggest threats, I hope my team Liquid pulls though. I don't want another Chinese to win another T.I lol, last year was Wings, this year not CN please (not racist)

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    How to open a champagn bottle?

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    Chinese dota not number #1

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    I wanted Liquid to win, but I didn't think they'd do it. I put my tips on EG which I feel silly about now.
    Liquid were just unplayable in that finals series. Newbee just had nothing on them. Liquids drafts were on point too.

    There was a few teams that I didn't really even consider who ended up going most of the way too. Some of those Chinese teams are pretty strong.

    It's quite funny watching a bunch of pro gamers accepting awards and doing interviews. So damn cringey. I guess they're essentially nerds who get thrown in front of crowds and cameras. The champagne bottles were pretty funny.

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    this is cool voice actors of heroes

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    bombjack wrote:
    im sitting around 4.5k ish Q_Q
    10 years of Dota, still bad

    JKJK plz carry me to high MMR!

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    ha! these days i cant keep up with these kids with lightning fast reflexes Q_Q

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    BZP wrote:
    this is cool voice actors of heroes
    Noice! It's pretty impressive how five guys and two chicks did most of the heroes.

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    I love DOTA but I feel like my love of the game has ruined it for me. I'm a 1k scrub, I watch a lot of pro DOTA and I feel like I understand it well enough to know team composition, rolls, item choices and timings but this has completely ****ed me in my 1k games.
    It's a completely different game, it's basically just fight 24/7 and supports rarely exist. It's like you have to completely forget what you've seen the pros do and play a whole different game.

    The last game I played we had a Slardar last pick when we needed a support and then said he wasn't supporting, we had an earthshaker build a battlefury rather than mobility or utility items. The game prior to that I had a bounty hunter and Riki in the same lane vs a Zeus (they picked after the Zeus) and then blamed our SF for not carrying despite the fact we had no safelane carry and the bounty/riki were doing **** all, they were also suprised the enemy got a gem 15mins into the game. Like wtf do you expect, it's a $900 item that's going to hard counter two of the 5 heroes in our team... If I hadn't first picked Clock then I'd have gone carry but damn.

    I feel like at a basic level, DOTA isn't hard to understand but some people just don't get it at all

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    trench never ends man. I played in a 3.8kish game(very high skill is 3.8k+ iirc) and had a jungle clock rushing battlefury then ac. it also meant that my mate had to go solo offlane ogre lol. ez lose.

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    Guess I'll have have to learn to adapt