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    Watch video...

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    Looks awesome.

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    Mind blowwwn

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    <N> wrote:

    Just saw the new MP 64 player CQ map, was O_O the whole time. Speechless... should be up soon hopefully, saw it on the live stream.

    MASSIVE map, jets look awesome.
    Jets looked a little slow to me, also didn't show how high the map ceiling is ingame.

    But otherwise, multiplayer trailer was awesome. Not bothered for co-op at all

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    Haha, yeah the co-op run through was a little lame, especially on ps3, can't stand the aiming

    What was that thing at the end near the gas station? Some robotic thing, haha.

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    Cheers man! God damn, amazing... definitely has a BF2 look/feel to that map at least.

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    That looks amazing.

    Honestly there seems to be far too much blinding HDR effects seen from the jet's cockpit view. It's Atacoma Desert via Russian vehicles all over again.

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    looks awesome going by this

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    Do you find the music in all these trailers is influencing your decision making process as well?

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    1080p version (obviously choose 1080p version first)

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    All the links have been 1080p

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    my bad

    Anyway, yay for AA!

    AA in BF2 was glorious if you knew how to use it properly, which 95% of BF2 players didn't.

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    Oh my god!


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    OMG looks so epic

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    Jets are super slow and low... but that's the only way to involve them properly I guess.

    Looks like it's going to be an awesome game. Hope EA doesn't screw it up with crap support like they do with a lot of games.

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    looking good.

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    I want to go to there.

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    Jets look about the speed from BFV which was good for dogfighting

    Looking forward to seeing the mortar, they were always fun in DC and BFV for punishing absolutely everything.

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    God damn that music makes me smile!

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    Just came into say that I really like the look of the jets. They look nice and slow so that they're not total god-tier deus ex-machina engines of war.

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    This took the excitement level up another notch

    The only bad thing is that this is realeased pretty much as soon as exams start! It's gonna be torture not playing this for a week or two while my brother goes hard

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    Oh it pays to have finished your studies and be working earning $$$ for a gaming PC and BF3

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    Looks sweet! Also the jets will probably have a thruster key too boost off like in BF2.

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