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    Gears of Effect

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    looks alright.

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    Murakami wrote:
    Gears of Effect
    Gears 4 should have a dialogue wheel for the lulz.

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    I REALLY hope this a reduced reliance on cover based combat. Give us more open environments and more straight up combat where you need to be more on the fly rather than the hide take pot shots/use skills, hide wait for recharge, repeat mechanic that really made the combat in ME2 dull and lifeless. It was fun for a while but entering any area with a bunch of waist high walls you knew exactly where the enemies were gonna come from, and how the combat was going to unfold. I hated the cover based combat by about half way through ME2. In fact ALL the combat was just a series of waist high walls.

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    I don't see cover as a bad thing. It's just when you have too much cover it totally ****s up the flow of the game.

    ME2 was fine imo, however I didn't like that the game was so linear and a lot of areas were 'dumbed-down' i.e. The Citadel.

    I don't think ME3 will be much difference, but I'm looking forward to at least playing the game and seeing where the plot goes.