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    Norinco JW-21A Review

    A friend from out of town brought himself a Norinco JW-21A (.22lr) lever action on a whim.

    Collected the rifle from Gun City (yeah I know, but he likes them) this morning, it was boxed in moulded polystyrene packaging and had a good covering in grease.

    JW-21A (top) compaired with my Winchester 9422 (bottom)

    First impression was that Norinco quality control hasn't improved. The part where the magazine attaches to the barrel was rough with lots of marks left on the metal:

    The rear barrel band wasn't much better and the stock was marked in several places.

    Also both sides of the receiver are marred (in my opinion) by the brand, model and "Made in China" in big letters.

    Mechanically the things are pretty much the same:
    • The action's rough and on the return stroke, as you close the bolt it gets stuck on the hammer if you don't do it in one swift movement.
    • Part of the rear sight is loose
    • Polishing of the minor edges is non-existent; this is especially noticable on the magazine where you slot in the bullets

    The trigger however is fine.

    So after giving the barrel several good swipes to get the grease out we took it to Youth town to put a couple of packets of CCI Standard velocity through it. That was where we got a real surprise. Side by side the accuracy was about comperable to my Winchester.

    So if you don't mind the rough edges and are looking for a fun plinker (and who can deny the appeal of a lever action rifle to the inner child in us all) then its well worth checking the JW-21 out.

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    I have one of these. It's pretty old, and the action has smoothed up over time. The safety is screwed on it, not sure if it's a design flaw, or something the previous owner did.

    Agree with you on the accuracy, it's a tack driver.

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    Love the 9422 Bas
    Never used a lever in .22 before. How many rounds does this hold please?

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    Valks wrote:
    Love the 9422 Bas
    Never used a lever in .22 before. How many rounds does this hold please?
    Thanks, they both hold 15 rounds.

    Next on the list is a .22 single action revolver