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    Posts in this thread appear as comments on the following Gameplanet article:

    Watch video...

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    we're not talking about anything right now.

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    at this point we make sure that the consoles are the lead platforms.
    inb4 massive butthurt

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    The sound is a little out-of-balance on this, I'm just re-encoding it to fix it.

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    Awww I though there was going to be some funny tie in from this guy

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    The guy seems like a bit of a dick to me.

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    "All you gotta do is look at the graphics, and some of the gameplay, and the big moments, and there's nothing about copy and paste there at all."

    Those ARE the copy paste bits

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    s0cks wrote:
    The guy seems like a bit of a dick to me.
    If I could be ****ed I would have the first 20 seconds of this vid then stitch in all the shots that are filled with Cod 4 assets from the trailer they released.
    No copy paste here, no siree.