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    detonator7 wrote:
    I emailed
    oh, well I emailed them both... haven't heard back from nzsupport in a week

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    Email them again. I had to send 3

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    Whats the point wrote:
    are you guys emailing the address?

    Md.Yakshan: Please open your webcam now
    you: its open
    you: is there anything special i need to do?
    Md.Yakshan: Please show me the CD
    Made me feel dirty

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    I emailed EA on Feb 1st This is what happened:

    Dear EA Support New Zealand,

    This email is in regards to the serial key packaged with the Battlefield 3 Limited Edition. I like many others have received a Standard Edition serial key instead of a Limited Edition Key. This has upset me greatly. I would greatly appreciate a remedy to this and also please inform me of anything that I may need to do to rectify this most unfortunate of situations.

    Origin Account: XxXxxXxxXx

    Yours Sincerely

    Bobby Digital

    Hi there

    We have stock of the Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand DLC CD keys, to receive a new key I need you to send me an image of your existing CD key, game disc and case, you can take a photo/scan of the back of the installation guide that has this CD key, once verified I will send you a new CD key with instructions on how to implement the new code.

    Kim Nelson
    Technical Support
    Electronic Arts (NZ)

    Dear Kim,

    Thank you for your timely response to my enquiry. As requested I have attached photos and a scan of my Battlefield 3 serial key and game discs. If there is anything else I need to do or if I have forgotten to include anything please let me know.

    Thank you for looking at this for me.

    Your Sincerely,

    Bobby Digital

    Hi there

    Here is your new CD key for Battlefield 3 Return to Karkand, this new key unlocks all the bonus items that make up the Limited Edition.
    To use the code please follow the instructions below

    Log into Origin and redeem the replacement serial number by clicking the "Cog" icon and clicking Redeem Product code, insert new CD key and click next.
    Here is your CD key for unlocking the bonus items XXXX-XXX-XXXX-XXXX,

    You should now have everything that makes Battlefield 3 the Limited Edition.

    Most users will find they have immediate access to the new maps, some will find the game will still show a message about still having to buy the maps, if this happens to you do the following, Log out of Origin (by clicking the cog icon and select "Log Out" restart your computer, then log back into Origin it is important to remember that Origin may have to clear it's cache in order to see the new maps, keep trying and after awhile the maps will be playable.

    Kim Nelson
    Technical Support
    Electronic Arts (NZ)
    Took 8 days from my first email to get my key. The only downside was they didn't fix the Limited edition problem for me they just issued a DLC code. I hope this isn't a problem in the future when they perhaps give some bonus to Limited Edition owners or something like that. But I doubt something like that will happen. Thing is I played this game for like 2 weeks then stopped. Got boring real fast :/

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    this has happened to me. i havent played the game in ages. now i try to play and no LE. only standard. JBHIFI. LE copy.=(

    FAIL. and customer service wont help. live chat wont help..

    they say to goto the retailer..


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    I know this thread is long dead but I need to get in touch with one of the guys who commented here. If anyone knows Cebos or any information about him outside of what his profile states could you please let me know. I have information about a long lost friend of his who almost died in Hurricane Katrina but survived and lost all of his means of contacting him. Please let me know if anyone can help

    Here's his profile here