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    EDIT: SUMMARY: A number of people seem to be affected by this (source), so probably a mass packaging errors with the shipment of BF3 LE PC boxed retail copies that New Zealand received. My advice if you haven't already bought this game, GET A DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION COPY AND NOT ONE ON PHYSICAL OPTICAL MEDIA.

    I received a standard edition key within the packaging of my BF3 LE (purchased from JB Hi-Fi Wellington). I got it sorted in the end after sitting in the EA Support Live Chat for at least an hour. I got given a new BF3 LE key, with all of the Origin pre-order exclusives attached:- Back to Karkand, Physical Warfare Pack, BF Play4Free equipment.

    In case it might help others, I will post my chat log with the EA Support rep below. Please excuse all of my uneditable language mistakes.
    You are now ready to chat with Danica.
    you: hi
    Danica: Hello my name is Danica
    Danica: Thanks for contacting EA Games
    you: I activated key on Origin which came packaged with my Battlefield 3 Limited Edition physical disc store bought copy. Origin doesn't say that I have that i have the Limited Edition
    Danica: What can I help you with today?
    you: my Origin email is [deleted]
    you: i'm not happy about this
    you: i bought the Limited Edition
    you: is this for PC by the way
    you: *this is for PC by the way
    Danica: So you bought the PC Limited Edition physical copy through Origin and it is saying your code is for the Standard Edition, correct?
    you: yes
    you: no
    you: i bought it from a shop
    you: brick and mortar shop
    you: i activated the key on Origin
    you: it says i have the standard edition
    Danica: Okay one moment to bring up your account please?
    you: [deleted] is my Origin login
    you: i can provide photos of the game case and my receipt as proof of ownership of BF3 Limited Edition, if needed
    Danica: Okay first I will need you to verify first and last name, as well as your date of birth please.
    you: my name is [deleted]
    you: date of birth [deleted]
    you: here, i have uploaded photos of my game case and receipt
    you: [deleted link]
    you: proof of purchase of my ownership of BF3 Limited Edition for PC
    you: hello, are you still there?
    Danica: Yes I am here.
    Danica: Okay what I am going to need from you is the code that you have already.
    you: ok
    you: [deleted key]
    you: hello, could I please get a progress update?
    Danica: I am attempting to find this code right now.
    Danica: I appreciate your patience with me, I have more than one chat going on at a time.
    you: thank you
    Danica: Okay what I am seeing on your account is that the code you have is for a Standard Edition, even though it is clear that you purchased the Limited Edition.
    Danica: So because the code is already used I am not able to issue you a new code, and they have stopped distributing copies of the Limited Edition because that was only available with the pre-order and only for a certain amount of time.
    Danica: What I can do for you though is offer you a code for a 20% discount at the origin store, in order to compensate you for this inconvenience.
    you: so you can't give me an entitlement redemption docket for the Back to Karkand expansion or something along those lines?
    you: because i bought the Limited Edition specifically to get the expansion for free
    you: i have not happy with this resolution. it was packaging error on EA's part and 20% off coupon for Origin is adequate compensation by any means
    Danica: Okay I would be happy to do that for you.
    you: *is NOT adequate by any means
    Danica: First, here is the code for 20% at the Origin store: [deleted]
    Danica: And that is valid for one month.
    Danica: Now I will generate you a code for the Back to Karkand expansion pack.
    you: oh thank you
    Danica: [deleted key]
    Danica: Okay that code should work fro you.
    Danica: Is there anything else I can do for you today?
    you: hold a min, i'll try to activate the code in the Origin client
    you: okay it works, thanks
    Danica: Youre welcome.
    you: now it's downloading the game again, all 11ish GB
    Danica: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    you: is there a way to move my files over so i dont have to download the entire game again?
    you: okay, thank you very much. i am very happy with this resolution.
    you: feel free to end the chat session
    Danica: I dont think there is a way to do that.
    Danica: Thanks for contacting EA Games and I hope you have nice day.
    The chat session has ended. Please contact us again if you need further help.
    As for having to download the whole game again, this copy and paste trick from the BF3 Beta thread works.

    SirGrim wrote:
    The copy paste trick works.

    If you're a Telstraclear customer, go download the BETA files there.

    Then Open Origin, find BF3 BETA and hit the download button.

    Once it starts downloading, pause it and close Origin.

    Now go find where it was installing the files to, e.g. C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/Electronic Arts/Battlefield 3 BETA

    Now, extract the BETA files you got from ON3 into that folder and replace/write-over any duplicate files.

    Once complete, restart Origin and hit the download button again. Origin should start downloading maybe 1-2% of files and then instantly stop and install the BETA, thus saving much bandwidth.

    Having two BF3 keys associated to your account confuses the Origin client (i.e. it tries to launch my uninstalled dud standard edition rather than the spiffy LE). The way around this is to hide BF3 standard edition from Origin.

    1. Quit out of the Origin client.
    2. Point Windows Explorer at C:\ProgramData\Origin\
    3. Open InstalledGames.xml in a text editor (eg Wordpad).
    4. Find the line in the config file with gameID="70619". Change the value of hidden="0" to equal 1.
    5. Save the changes made.
    6. Re-open Origin.


    Here's a visual example of the Origin client with both standard edition and LEs registered. You can see my dud standard edition there, to the left of the old BF3 Beta and the Limited Edition to the right.

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    Is it only NZ copies that are affected?

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    I have no idea. I don't read many foreign gaming forums.

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    may be a stupid question. but how do you know if you have limited edition installed? I bought LE (from playtech) and in origin it says Battlefield 3 with no mention of LE ..

    edit:- re-read post and found out Looks like I have the same problem.

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    "Back to Karkand has not released yet, therefore, I can't issue a code for it yet."
    This is mega frustrating :mad:

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    hmmm. picked up BF3 LE (xbox360) today from MA. Did not receive anything hinting that I will have free access to the Karkland DLC. Not sure how I can tell that I actually have the LE? (the box says LE but no signs ingame).

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    pre-ordered from playtech and have the same problem. What a load of shit.

    EDIT: this image is what you should see with LE

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    just had a chat with them. they couldn't give me a key for the karkhand (cos it hasn't been released yet) but promised me that once it's released, it'll automatically show up in my account.

    they did however, give me a code for the physical warfare pack

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    Same deal here. How should I contact EA??

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    this useless idiot im talking on the live chat is saying
    Gaurav: Please contact the retailer for it.
    Gaurav: I am sorry but it is not an EA defect.

    useless ****

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    same problem here, so your saying that they will auto correct our accounts?

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    Gaurav: Please understand us as you have not purchased the game from us , so you have to go to the retailer and if he does not help yuo then contact EA warranty.

    Gaurav: I have but I am sorry as you have not purchased from us.

    Gaurav: You have two option either retailer or warranty.

    ****ing ea

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    Great. Now my actual serial key is invalid.
    EA just fails

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    pa|ne wrote:
    may be a stupid question. but how do you know if you have limited edition installed? I bought LE (from playtech) and in origin it says Battlefield 3 with no mention of LE ..

    edit:- re-read post and found out Looks like I have the same problem.

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    Sent a message to MightyApe, see what they come back with.

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    Yes, I'm going back to PT with this.
    They are the retailer and they need to sort this out.

    Bugger going through EA.

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    I also emailed EA from their webpage, and sent an email to
    Hopefully they can/will do something

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    Keep us updated on what happens .... I didnt even notice mine was wrong till i read this thread.

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    Just talked to customer support and they said it will be automatically fixed in a few days, hope it's not BS. Gave me a 15% discount coupon on top of that which was pretty sweet.

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    Heh **** that shit I'm getting Playtech to sort this one out. I don't have time to do this.

    If they can't fix it, I want a refund. Plain and simple. Leave them to sort out how to get their code back.
    I bought a product. They gave me the wrong one.

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    I'm sure it will get sorted. I will just play the game for the next week or two then check back to see what the solution is.

    If it's a problem at EA's end, then it is their problem to fix. Simple really. Just enjoy the game for now

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    Ive have the same issue, and I got it from PT

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    Still waiting for my Playtech order but I hope i'm not in the same boat. I was close to buying from some dodgy online key retailer but chose to pay more for a little security.

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    Danica sounds hot, you should have put on your robe and wizard hat!

    But srs, I pre-ordered LE from Playtech and it turned out to be OK, so guess I'm lucky. This kind of mistake is probably pretty easy to make. I bet ya it's due to someone messing up a spreadsheet formula! Damn those spreadsheets! Damn them all to heck!

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    Thank god for Zachary! Finally got a LE code.
    But time for school. Another day to wait till I can actually play.