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    Watch video...

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    Ok that was awesome.

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    **** YEAHR

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    Los Santos + countryside. Legit.

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    They've really improved their animation tech.

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    Is there anyone better at simultaneously lampooning and paying homage to American culture than Rockstar North?

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    Beach hut trolled me into thinking Vice City
    Los Santos baby!

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    Well, I'm hyped.

    Last game I had any hype for at all was Mass Effect.

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    They've definitely picked up some of the things R* San Diego did with the RAGE engine for RDR (better skylines, light bloom, animals, animations, etc.) to improve the look of this over GTA4. Can't wait to find out more details. Hopefully magazines and websites will be invited into a sitdown non-playable demo in the next month or two like they were shortly after the first trailer with GTA4.

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    that looked ****ing fantastic.

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    love the purple shirt putting out the for sale sign haha ..

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    The ****ing mountain, holy shit. It looks so... Inviting...

    Are you guys sure its just Los Santos? It looked it to me but, one can hope theres more? Mind you LA itself is a fairly big place. Also, might be a dumb Q but was the fat guy the one we're playing? There certainly was a bit of him shown, but they didn't make it too certain. I couldn't put my finger on the accent either.

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    Unsure who we are playing
    Las Palmas? Anyone see the highway sign
    A second State?

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    Mount Chiliad comparison, shows how far they've come! Also, my assuming more than Los Santos is due to the planes.

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    AWESOME! A high def version of San Andreas's gameplay would be epic

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    I'm hyped baby!

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    Skilfil wrote:

    Are you guys sure its just Los Santos?
    I think they've kept us guessing intentionally. It may be smaller than the original SA map wise, but a complete overhaul.

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    Awesome, will buy

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    So its confirmed that its San Andreas, but even from the trailer, while we can see mountains and arid countryside, we don't know if its the entire state.

    Excellent trailer

    edit: also looks like the scene will be set in current times. from watching the trailer, I see houses with forclosure signs and businesses with closing down sales.

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    Much better trailer than the GTAIV one. It looks like Los Santos with a bith of countryside, but not multiple cities.
    I'm stoked, tbh.

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    This has a few details that you might not have picked up on, I was happy to see that the cars have San Andreas license plates.