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    The trailers did nothing for me, and was prepared to miss it, but given the response in here, I think I might check it out.

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    Going to go see it next week

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    I have just been to see this today after hearing good reviews from friends.

    It is very funny and definitely worth going to see on the big screen. It is definitely a movie that sets out to just take the piss

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    really enjoyed it

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    Funniest movie this year

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    Funny movie.

    Jonah Hill is great. Tatum is adequate.

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    First movie I've been to in a year (I usually can't sit still that long) but I thought it was great. Genuinely consistently funny and had a very good awareness of itself. 9/10

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    DeVi| D0do wrote:
    Tatum is adequate.
    C-Tates don't need your approval dawg

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    I no longer know the point where my mockery of him has passed into ironic adoration

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    bump, but no care.

    Saw this last night and holy chit i thought it was hilarious do recommend

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    Good date movie, saw it last night. Was in fits most of the time hahah

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    Saw it last night, not bad.. few giggles but only genuine lol moment for me was when they have their first run in with that teacher dude.

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    It was fairly ok.


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    shittest movie ive seen all year

    decent comedy was ruined by horrible action and hollywood logic that went a little too far, even for my tastes.

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    I think you missed the point on that. It's intentioned movie cliche. Police captain at the start even blatantly sets up the point talking about no new ideas and rehashing same old shit. Car chase where the only thing that exploded was chicken should also have been a clue.

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    I guess I sort of see what you're saying now, I'm not sure how I could have missed it.

    Thanks bro!