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    USA Network’s Suits spinoff has embraced a familiar name for its moniker: The title of the forthcoming Gina Torres-led offshoot is officially Pearson, it was revealed Thursday.

    The show title is, of course, a reference to the leading lady’s main character, former lawyer Jessica Pearson, who has relocated from New York City to Chicago to enter the dirty world of politics. (Read TVLine’s recap of the backdoor pilot, which aired as part of the Suits Season 7B finale, here.)

    Joining Torres on the new series are Morgan Spector (Homeland) as Mayor Bobby Golec and Simon Kassianides (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) as a cop/the mayor’s driver, both of whom were introduced to viewers in the backdoor pilot. The ensemble also includes Bethany Joy Lenz (One Tree Hill) as the ambitious city attorney Keri Allen — Rebecca Rittenhouse originally played the role in the pilot — Chantel Riley (Wynnona Earp) as Jessica’s cousin Angela, Isabel Arraiza (The Oath) as Jessica’s “intense” assistant Yoli and Eli Goree (Ballers) as the mayor’s press secretary Derrick.

    The spinoff does not yet have a premiere date. Meanwhile, Suits returns for Season 8B next Wednesday, Jan. 23 at 10/9c.

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    Oh yeah, will take a peek. Wasn't expecting suits back so soon, sweet!

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    On the eve of the new episode tonight USA has announced Suits has been renewed and cancelled.

    USA Network is packing up Suits: The network announced Wednesday that it has renewed the venerable legal drama for a ninth and final season. Production on the 10-episode farewell season will begin later this year.

    The current eighth season — which resumes tonight on USA; get scoop here — has gone through something of a revamp following the departures of original series stars Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle in Season 7. Grey’s Anatomy vet Katherine Heigl joined the ensemble as lawyer Samantha Wheeler, while Amanda Schull (aka newly promoted senior partner Katrina Bennett) was upped to series regular.

    A USA rep confirms to TVLine that Suits’ current crop of regulars are all set to return for Season 9.

    Suits creator Aaron Korsh released the following statement about the series’ imminent conclusion:

    “Though I know it isn’t true, it seems like only yesterday USA Network took a chance on an unestablished writer’s very first hour long script. These days that’s a common thing, but 47 years ago when I first wrote the Untitled Korsh Project, nobody did it. Nobody except the people at USA and [Universal Cable Productions]. First and foremost I would like to thank Alex Sepiol and Dennis Kim, without whom Suits would never have gotten made. I also cannot thank Bill McGoldrick, Jeff Wachtel, Bonnie Hammer, Chris McCumber, Ted Chervin, Dave Bartis, Gene Klein, Doug Liman, Dawn Olmstead and everyone at the network and studio enough for their dedication and support throughout the years. And to the exceptional writers, cast and crew — thank you for your passion and devotion, without which, Suits would be nothing. And last but never least, to the fans who have stuck with the Suits family through thick and thin, through can-openers and flashbacks — thank you for always speaking your mind. Without you, I might start to think I’m getting the hang of this writing thing. And once that happens, nobody wins. I look forward to enraging and hopefully sometimes delighting you with the final episodes. Finally, to my wife Kate and my children Cooper and Lucy. Thank you for enduring countless late nights and times away, for me to get to live my dream. I love you. Love, Aaron
    Although Suits is coming to an end, the franchise will live on: Spinoff series Pearson, headlined by Gina Torres, is slated to debut later this year. The offshoot follows Torres’ former lawyer Jessica Pearson, who has relocated from New York City to Chicago to enter the dirty world of politics.

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    I'm ok with it being canceled, it had a good run. Hopefully they can make a good ending for it.
    The spinoff will be canceled after one season

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    I stopped watching it just before Meghan left, don't know if I can be arsed going back to finish it off, and I know I'm not the only one.

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    In some ways it's been better without Mike and the Duchess.

    Harvey has been a bit one note. though I feel the Louis storylines have been holding the show up. Has been bringing the feels.

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    Yea feels like they have a little more freedom, I expect Mike back for a few episodes next year.

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    Man major Mike Ross name dropping in that episode

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    Mother ****ing daniel hardman!!

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    Man the writing is terrible, way too much melodrama, no overarching plot and every case is won by a bluff. Guess lawyers don't even need to bother with a courtroom, huh? Also still too many characters splitting up the screentime.

    It says something when even The Blacklist is doing courtroom drama better than Suits atm. It's a pity because eps 9 and 10 showed some promise, then it's back to 'the usual'.
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    Never really got the feeling Harvey was in trouble. Glad they finally pulled the trigger on those two though.