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    Almost through season 1 and really enjoying it, something a bit different from what I usually watch. Anyone else seen?

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    Nah bro not me.

    Please tell me the deets

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    Has Zoe

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    Yea it's pretty good. Snappy dialogue.

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    I see a three piece suit. I'm sold.

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    Great show!

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    Yup, awaiting S2

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    Its a pretty epic show.

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    Yeah watched the first season, was good. recommend

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    Fully recommend it

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    Can't wait, epic series

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    Such an awesome series, just finished rewatching the first series the other day.

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    Had this in HD for friggin ages, never got round to watching it. Im a terrible person.

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    Watched the pilot last night, very enjoyable in a fluffy sort of way. Beautifully shot too.

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    It's pretty damn good for what it is. I marathoned it at the end of last year.

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    I'm just thankful for something halfway decent to watch in this mid-year lull.

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    Just watched the Pilot episode. Enjoyed it

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    It's a bit hammy but overall it's pretty good.

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    xShay wrote:
    Just watched the Pilot episode. Enjoyed it
    this. will most likely marathon the rest of the first season in the next few days

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    Will take a look at this, sounds interesting

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    bradc wrote:
    It's a bit hammy but overall it's pretty good.
    What do you mean by hammy ???

    Btw Harvey is the best character on TV EVER !!!!!!!!

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    Hammy as in not overly self-serious...the incidental music is pretty cheesy too.

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    it's kind of amusing though to see him play a big-man serious lawyer when apparently he's the direct opposite irl according to an interview.

    indeed, quite often you can see him about to almost crack up laughing in some scenes but he tries to keep it under the lid.

    I agree with the comment in that the script kinda seems to take the piss at some points but it's part of what makes this show great.

    Can't wait till season 2, should be starting in a few weeks

    ps love that scene in that mock trial episode where they start wanking over star trek