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    what's so vulgar about it? Apart from changing it from RTS squad-play to a douchey FPS

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    Drug use, you can force people to commit suicide.

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    Huh, I thought the R18 rating was done and dusted. Should've expected this I suppose.

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    Yet another game to add to the never ending list of banned games in australia.

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    lol Australia

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    They get an R18 classification, but still refuse games with "high impact" themes.
    So it changed nothing. The same games will be banned under the new classifications.
    LOL Oz

    The Guidelines use the following hierarchy of impact:
    very mild G
    mild PG
    moderate M
    strong MA 15+
    high R 18+
    very high RC
    Still anything that hurts this game I am all for. **** EA and **** this game.

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    Time to import

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    Lol, Australia. Thank goodness I don't live there.