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    Ugh. I hope not.

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    oh for **** sakes

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    I wonder what's going through the developer's heads.

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    Skorky wrote:
    I wonder what's going through the developer's heads.
    BIG MONEHZZ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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    Skorky wrote:
    I wonder what's going through the developer's heads.

    edit - beaten

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    Skorky wrote:
    I wonder what's going through the developer's heads.
    CTRL -A

    CTRL -C

    CTRL -V

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    Hardly surprising. Good one Activision

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    ** Skorky expected these answers.

    I meant the developers, not the publishers. One would hope they're not *only* thinking of money...

    I usually try not to think of publishers like ActiVision as tyrannical overlords when it comes to game production but it's hard not to believe they have not only a business plan but precise directives they hand to their development teams to churn out games as fast as possible. Like they're just updating the design on their classic toilet paper but neglecting to add another layer of quilt.

    What I was meaning to say is: I wonder what's going through the developers heads, those designers, artists and programmers who (hopefully) joined the game industry to express their creativity and produce great games rather than become lackeys for a corporate empire. It'd be naive to state as fact that they aren't expressing their creativity through working on a CoD game every year (if all I wanted to do in life was design modern weaponry then it would be my dream job) but it appears to me that working for ActiVision would be a somewhat restricted existence and definitely not the sort of job that I'd seek... though, again, I have little insight into their processes or about ActiVision's *real* involvement into their game production.

    But after watching those "Making Of" videos from Remedy about Alan Wake, I found *that's* how I'd like to view the modern game studio, though I know it's far from a reality, Team Bondi, anyone?

    With Alan Wake as an example that begs the question: do publisher deadlines and expectations help? I'm sure they do, to a point, but where should they draw the line at their involvement? We could have many more studios churning out acceptable games like CoD repeatedly and making their multi-millions or, on the other hand, have more studios like Remedy, taking 5+ years to develop games?

    Anyway, epic ramble to waste my last half hour of work. Sorry for that mess.

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    I think there might be another videogame crash soon. As I've noticed a lot of the major studios are just churning out sequels but then again it's risky to create new IP's nowadays.. But at least there's a few developers out there that don't make sequels after sequels..

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