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    How do I train my cat in order for him to become a final boss?

    My cat is like a ***** just waiting to get ****ed.
    As soon as he takes a step outside he gets pwned by every cat in the block (yeah, even the females!).
    How do I build him into a feline killing machine?

    Can I give him protein supplements, tie some weights on his limbs and make him train jumps in order to make him stronger?

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    Good catfood

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    sit down with him and watch Rockey

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    Fight him. Use newspaper, rolled up. Wool. String. Feathers. Teddy bears. Make him fight and kill them all. Feed him red meat, chicken, natural predator protein. Give him some virgin olive oil with one meal a day too.

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    I hope you enjoy receiving dead things

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    Get a dog?

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    MarksoN wrote:
    Get a dog?
    Come on mate ya dont wanna get too hardcore. People own pussys for a reason.