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    zippy wrote:
    So I just gave spark 3 weeks notice of my house move. They come back and set an install date of 4 days later than I requested. The install date is on a public holiday so I know it's not going to happen then.

    Will I be better off just cancelling the move and joining another Telco?
    No. Everyone uses Chorus anyway so not going to help.

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    All good, I called spark and the person I spoke to changed the install date over the phone.

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    eggzs wrote:
    Thanks for the tips, much appreciated

    I have those RJ45 connectors in my home, xender discord omegleare they just like ethernet switches that I can plug a modem into and any appliance that can use an ethernet connection (other desktop computers etc) and it'll work?

    I've no internet at home yet, but I was just testing how this worked, plugged in a modem into one room and desktop into another, tried to access the modem home ( but couldn't access it
    Just a bit of background, i currently work for an ISP as a provisioning co-ordinator (specialist at other companies). I am the one of the people who deal with your move address/new connections once its been submitted by your customer service/sales team. I deal with speaking to telecom/chorus wholesale and deal with all the back end problems with these requests.
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    I gave Vodafone 2 weeks notice before I was due to move and it still took them 3 weeks after I moved in to my new house to get me connected, was such a frustrating experience.