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    New Mars Volta song

    Listen here:
    I kinda like it, but will have to hear the rest of the album to see if it's anything to get excited about.
    I'm still a huge fan of Deloused and Francis the Mute, although their newer albums have some good songs too.

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    Shit yea! Really digging the new sound!

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    do like

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    Got sick of their noodling but this is actually fairly decent. Reminds me a little of some kind of Primus, Grinderman (Nick Cave), Led Zeppelin cross.

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    I dug it.

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    Interesting. I like it.

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    Yes. Interesting.

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    Hrmm...didn't like it at all.

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    Someones channeling John Lennon on acid.

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    Album = amazing.

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    I thought it was average. Haven't enjoyed a volta album since de loused.

    At the Drive In forever.

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    I'm digging the new album

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    They have just split up.

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    It was inevitable really

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    creation of Bosnian Rainbows is totally worth it.

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    Bosnian Rainbows