$400-$500 27" IPS monitors! Same panel as Apple Cinema LCD

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    Korean branded monitors, uses the same S-IPS LG 27" 2560x1440 resolution panel as Apple Cinema Display at less than 1/3 of the cost (http://store.apple.com/nz/product/MC007X/A) - $1650 nzd
    New Samsung PLS variants are even better with improved black levels and viewing angles.

    NZ Customs Tax 1) request the eBay or website seller to declare the monitor value as $100-150 USD and 2) have shipping cost declared separately!
    e.g. $150 monitor value and $90 shipping cost = $240 USD = $300 NZD. Combined item value + shipping under $400 NZD is not taxable! - thanks 5loth


    Which brand should I buy?

    - In short, if refresh rate doesn't matter go for whatever you like. The price difference comes down to external looks, stand features and extra video signal inputs.

    Can I plug my Laptop into these monitors?

    - Unless the monitor has a displayport or hdmi input you WILL need an Active mDP/DP to Dual-Link DVI adapter, these are around $100 nzd on ebay.

    How big is 27"?

    - Viewable area is 59.6 x 33.5 cm with a pixel pitch of .233mm

    Do these monitors have defects?

    - Like all LCDs, they can have dead/bright pixels, for peace of mind pay a little extra for "Pixel Perfect" monitors which can guarantee up to 1 dead pixel or none depending on the seller.

    Are there any sellers I should avoid?

    - Multiple GP members have reported "dreamseller" refuses to declare properly for monitors to pass customs freely and have poor support afterwards.

    Can I mount these monitors?

    - Yes they all have VESA ports, do a google search of your specific model to find out the size (75/100mm).

    Colour Calibration

    - To get the most out of your display, it is recommended to use a calibrated color profile posted in the respective monitor club thread on OCN - http://www.overclock.net/f/44/monitors-and-displays
    - To install an .icm profile. Start Menu -> type "color" -> Click on "Color Management". Select your display up the top and tick "Use my settings for this device". Then proceed to Add --> Browse and select the .icm profile you downloaded.
    - Run through the various monitor tests at lagom to ensure the colour profile best suits your panel, starting with White Saturation, the white should not be tinted with any shades of colour http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/white.php

    Glossy? No Anti-glare?

    - Glossy panels are "naked", meaning they do not have anti-glare coating nor tempered glass (unless specified), therefore produce better image clarity at the cost of mild reflections. Unlike the Apple Cinema Display, there is no tempered glass layer which results in very little glare. Overall, Glossy is the better than Matte in most environments as reflections are only noticeable on very dark colours.

    The effect of Anti-glare coatings on pixel clarity, Glossy is represented by 27Q LED.

    Comparison between a naked LG "27Q" glossy lcd and an Apple tempered glass display.

    Overclocking? 120hz?

    - Overclocking guide - http://120hz.net/showthread.php?683-...ck-Start-Guide
    - Every panel is capable of 120hz, the limiting factor is the internal circuit board which processes the video signal.
    - Overlord sells 120hz capable IPS, shipping is expensive to NZ but the recommended choice for a 120hz 1440p display - http://overlordcomputer.com/collecti...-x270oc-glossy
    - New PLS panels (QNIX, X-Star) are 120hz capable but pixel brightness dims running at high refresh rates, can be alleviated by increasing gamma through graphics card options.

    120 Hz (twice the amount of frames being drawn, results in smoother animations particularly noticeable in games)

    60 Hz:

    User Reviews

    Yamakasi Catleap 2B IPS

    Necriss wrote:

    iphone4 pics

    Ordered on Sunday evening, arrived the following Friday morning.
    packaging on arrival, nicely bubble wrapped

    declared as a monitor with a value of $50 usd


    2 thumbscrews to lock into stand


    1080p video on native res, pic doesn't do justice


    no dead pixels as far as I can tell, $500 well spent'

    also the glare is much easier on the eyes than apple screens which are glass reinforced (compared with macbook pro).

    regarding OSD, there is none only a simple brightness up and down.

    Crossover 27Q IPS unboxing

    s1mon wrote:
    purchased a CROSSOVER 27Q LED 27" 2560X1440 PC Monitor High-resolution Monitor(QHD) DVI NEW on the 20th of december
    form ebay user ' lightnspace '

    was sourced from sweol korea, cleared customs and was in wellington on 26th of december, didnt get it until the 10th of jan being the mailroom at my work was closed for so long (where i ordered it to)

    cost $510NZ all up - arrived in tip top condition and no issues with any pixels after turning it on

    some pic's are below again as mentioned from others they don't do it justice, the color and resolution is amazing lol - very happy with my purchase and would recommend to others

    edit- theres plastic **** around the base and some of the back i didnt take off b4 getting pics

    QNIX QX2710 Matte (Anti-Glare) PLS

    Formation wrote:
    Ok just got the monitor delivered today and I'm very happy with how the process has gone.

    I ordered off the 2506x1440p website, ordered late on Friday.

    Got a confirmation of payment and tracking code 1hr later and the next day it turned up on the DHL shipping site, updated me when it arrived in Auckland yesterday, then was subsequently shipped to CHCH that night. Was delivered to me today at 3pm. So the shipping is very fast, all up shipping time was only 2 business days but really only saturday,sunday,monday and tuesday(3pm delivery).

    The declared the value and shipping separately as requested.

    Now onto the actual screen:

    Can't find a single dead pixel, I did fork out the extra $40USD for the Pixel perfect and got exactly that.
    No Backlight Bleed
    VESA Mounts
    PLS panel, this ****s all over my 226BW
    Looks very nice, fits in well with my other hardware.

    Stand is a bit wobbly, but im not too concearned as I will eventually mount the screen.
    The bezel is slightly out on the screen and is a bit flimsy HOWEVER you don't notice is when your typing/working or playing games. Only if you actually go 1cm up to the screen and look directly down.
    Speakers are tinny but I've never come across good speakers inside a monitor ever.

    Now for the Pictures (resised for plebs using smaller screens ):
    Link to imgur gallery: http://imgur.com/a/QzuJg

    Hows its packaged:

    The Box:

    Inside of the box:


    Mounts and buttons:

    Screen of it on:

    Overall rating:
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    Seems like an awesome deal. What about the power, would we just need an adapter or would we need a power transformer?

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    mcmatt wrote:
    Seems like an awesome deal. What about the power, would we just need an adapter or would we need a power transformer?
    Looking at the reviews, a standard IEC power cable would be able to plug into the power brick.

    this is SO TEMPTING, but i don't know where i'd put it! Already Dual 22"s on my desk.

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    Hmm, quite tempted too..

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    Tempting but I'd punch myself if there was a dead pixel or two.

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    ticallista wrote:
    Tempting but I'd punch myself if there was a dead pixel or two.
    No problem. This sounds legit.

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    It appears to have no warranty?

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    I think so. The best you could do is probably ebay buyer protection.

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    I wonder if the Catleap would be much better?

    Edit: Got the Catleap, seems to have a better stand.

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    lol I can't read.
    headache kills.

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    lol Catleap , well done Wally Simmonds taking one for the team

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    eXDee wrote:
    It appears to have no warranty?
    Yep. You're pretty much on your own. Even if there was warranty, it's going to cost a ton to ship it back to Korea. Don't expect CGA-like rights when dealing with small-time eBay sellers.

    If this catches on, I'm sure other variants will pop up eventually and the price will only get better. Some might even have warranty on them.

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    I think Ill wait a few weeks in the hope these go mainstream via AOC or whoever , with NZ retailers for an extra hundy but will probably be more than that

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    Yeah, hopefully the prices will come down to about 6 hundy for the Dell 2711's (or probably 2712's)

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    Koreans get them for about $300 nzd retail, even cheaper in bulk. So that explains the free ebay shipping.
    This one has an aluminium body, but not on ebay yet


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    tempted on the catleap... but afaik the prices are going up pretty quickly. also dont understand how it has no OSD? how do you adjust the settings?

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    Regz wrote:
    tempted on the catleap... but afaik the prices are going up pretty quickly. also dont understand how it has no OSD? how do you adjust the settings?
    Software level.

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    @Regz, catleap has a basic brightness +/- should be able to do the rest via software as privoxy said.

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    ah I see, cheers guys

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    Hope you realise you'll need to add like $200NZD for Customs fees and GST.

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    LG panel (LM270WQ1), same one used in Apple Cinema LCD. http://www.panelook.com/modeldetail.php?id=4999

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    is that yamakasi the same font as samsung?

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    bzE wrote:
    Hope you realise you'll need to add like $200NZD for Customs fees and GST.
    Hmm, didn't think about that. Oh well.

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    They've declared it as a gift of low value, the customs officer on duty would have to be a real dick to tax you. But definitely a possibility due to the size of the package.