$400-$500 27" IPS monitors! Same panel as Apple Cinema LCD

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    Scored a qnix qx2710 off trademe for dirt cheap and was able to get it up to 120hz, thanks for the handy links guys, very happy.

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    So my Yamakasi Q270 has finally suffered a ACDC adapter failure. The model that came from Korea was a Welltronics WTS 2405W. Been looking around and either the Welltronics models don't ship here or they are pretty expensive - would any AC adapter work as long as it has the same output ie 24v - 5a ? Thanks. (If anyone has any links for a suitable model then it would be appreciated ). Monitor is working so fine still and going back to a 21 inch back up is killing my eyes!
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    You should have no problem getting another adapter with the same output and barrel to work. Had mine fail and replaced with a cheapie from eBay.

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    I used a generic notebook adapter for my last monitor, worked well, I think its only the voltage you need to get absolutely right and the amperage needs to be enough to exceed your monitors draw? would pay to research that tho.

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    I need a new monitor. Are there any good deals on 1440p with good image quality? 28" or above

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    Those with Gsync / freesync - Was it worth the upgrade? Have a 1070, and will look at upgrading next gen, earlier if it performs like ass. (I know I won't be able to utilise free sync myself)

    Looking at either 27" 1440p 144hz or a 34" 1440p ultrawide from korea, or spend the extra cash and get a gsync enabled model.

    Korean 27" - $500
    Korean ultrawide is about $700
    Gsync- AOC - $1199, Acer x34 - 1300, x34p - 1699, Asus - Dell - 1679
    I know the 1070 will struggle somewhat at pushing the frames so is it worth the extra $700 odd to get a gsync model to just match refresh rate with frame rate output.

    Been watching a bunch of youtube videos, looks like it will perform okay, but looking for an unbiased opinion on gsync as those who spent the money are more likely to rave home about it justifying the extra cost

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    $700 would be very very hard to justify. From memory, tearing is more of a problem at lower FPS isn't it? I ran a test on my freesync screen with my old 970 and it looked bad at 60hz, and much smoother at 120hz. Both times, FPS was around the 100 mark. Not scientific I know. But I wouldn't spend $700 extra.

    It was only after playing with the screen at 120hz for a while, then switching to 60hz did I notice the tearing. I also watched many videos on the topic to get an understanding of how it works. But I've forgotten most of the info now

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    I have Gsync on my laptop with a GTX1060 at 100hz refresh rate. It does require certain requirements to be met, such as VSync off, full screen, and most importantly forcing the FPS to be 2-3FPS below the screen refresh rate (I use RTSS to force frame limits, in-game frame limiters have shown to add input I believe). Gsync adds very little input but if you allow it to hit or go above your refresh rate then it will play hot potato turning on and off and not be perfect.

    I have been more than happy with Gsync. In saying that I agree, throwing an extra $700 just for Gsync is not worth it.

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    I have 3 of these monitors for sale. 2 are Yamakasi, one is overclockable to I *think* 100hz, but I never tried it.
    I upgraded to Ultrasharps and a Predator 160hz monitor.
    As far as I am concerned they are in excellent condition. I've not seen any pixels dead or stuck, but I couldn't 1000% guarantee it. Let me know if you are keen.

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    Which ones? What price and size/resolution/type(TN,IPS)/max refresh rate etc?

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    What do you guys think of this? Although it will be close to $1k with currency conversion and import tax


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    Good resolution, wouldn't bother myself as any faults and your savings over a local unit are gone. Helps that i'm happy with 1080P, and that you can get 1080P, 144hz IPS 34" UW for that price in NZ, $900 on spesh. Has Freesync, but you might struggle to get an AMD card that will make the most of that screen at that res at 100hz. All just IMO.

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    Yeah actually it's over $1000 so pretty high risk of there's a fault. I might hold off until after I upgrade my graphics card

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    I wanna buy this, how much tax do I have to pay?


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    whatsmyduty.org.nz will tell you what you need to know.

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    Thanks, way too much then

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    anyone know where to get adaptors from in NZ ? Think mine shat itself, have a Qnix.

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    Thoughts on the 34 inch 3440x1440 ultrawides? Flat vs curved?

    Thinking of getting one as my old 1080p secondary monitor might be on it's last legs. Will upgrade my main to 1440p ultrawide and use my current 27 inch 1440p as the new secondary monitor.

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    Which model? I'd go curved, i'm surprised you can get flat 34" 1440 screens. High refresh too is a must / bonus.

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    Looking at Raeantech 34CQ100 and Crossover 34U100.

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    Any 27" 1440p 144hz displays under $400 yet?

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    Stimpy wrote:
    Any 27" 1440p 144hz displays under $400 yet?
    Cheapest I've seen is the Acer KG271UA ~ 600 though

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    So I've had my QNIX 27" monitor for almost 6 years now with no problems whatsoever - probably one of my best PC related purchases. Wanting to get another or something very similar. Don't need the 144hz just no dead pixels and 1440p. Whats the best one to buy these days? From what I can see the prices have really come up.

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    Anyone seen this one?

    Price looks too good to be true


    Actually also stuck between these:



    What you guys reckon? Should I go for the Acer or ship the Crossover? The Acer currently has a discounted rate of $390.
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