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    Wow! EA sort this crap!! O_o

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    Sly Assassin wrote:
    I've heard of maps where they don't allow killing so that you can rack up capture points in vehicles or aircraft. Maybe one of those servers?
    Must have been. I joined in on someone in my friends list without looking at what the server was. Spawned and saw enemy standing around in a group, looking like council workers having a smoke break. Instant reaction was to shoot first and read server msgs later

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    Got owned on metro by Rifty
    I joined off him thinking "Yus, can finally play with Rifty!"

    nek minit... on the opposing team getting raped on the stairs

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    LOL Rifty, I'd of done the same damned thing too.

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    jdz wrote:
    That makes about must sense as this, the one time I actually play metro...
    I was defending and only on the first MCOMs and on a non FF server
    if you look at the server variables, there is a default value for kicking tkers.

    a good thing for stopping griefers on HC/ff servers (mainly). however, due to how the game records some kills you get tk's on not ff servers (collapsing buildings, blowing shit up next to teammates, vehicles when you crash etc.

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    jdz wrote:
    Got owned on metro by Rifty

    nek minit... [...] getting raped on the stairs

    LOLOL JD, that sounds so wrong

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    I was gentle

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    He was, he apologized

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    just did it again now! 105 kills 45 minutes, 4 medals! Nek minnit!