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    Going by this highly wanky statement everything should be an FPS.

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    I demand a moratorium on the fps genre for a few years. Instead I'll get to sit back and watch every IP I like under then sun get turned into the same old shit. (I realise it's where the money is, and it's a financially sound decision, it doesn't mean I have to like it)

    Kudos to the occasional small studio that bucks this trend. UFO et al

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    Two old school titles get new releases as FPS and suddenly it's the end of the world and a horrible "trend".

    I wonder if people cried this much when C&C Renegade came out.

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    Skorky wrote:
    I wonder if people cried this much when C&C Renegade came out.
    Renegade was only a spin-off to the core RTS games. It didn't "replace" them, they kept making C&C RTSes.

    Let's be honest, Firaxis' Xcom: Enemy Unknown probably wouldn't exist without the interest generated by 2K Marin's Xcom FPS. Also 2K Marin is at least trying to translate elements from the original strategy games, such as having a squad to command; having plenty of tactical options in combat; researching artefacts; a semi-non-linear, branching mission structure; choices and consequences.

    The Xcom FPS has been delayed into 2013, meanwhile Enemy Unknown comes out late 2012. Either 2K is really confident about the latter, or unsure about the former (which might be a troubled project).

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    The recent interview with RPS said the XCOM game was in development before the FPS version.