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    Thank you.

    Remind me to persistently quote loveless to you in future.

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    The gift of the goddess is jenova cells but also apples. It can mean two things but my theory is the true theory because I am trying to act this play out so hard. - Genesis

    Now that I have calmed down a little after outrage and/or boredom, I can now amend my final judgement from terrible to unnecessary. Every single part of it.

    Also doing some holodeck missions meant I save Don Corneo's life meaning I am the cause of so much rapeage.

    Edit: While researching Genesis to see if he does anything else in FF7 compilation (he doesnt) I learned that Cait Sith is pronounced Kett Shee and my mind exploded.

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    I completely missed the Don Corneo thing...

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    There is a little girl in sector 5 markets who tells you her uncle is stuck in kalm because there are monsters about. Then you get a couple of missions, afterwards you talk to her and she tells you her uncle is a don and he has a funny laugh and he likes ladies.