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    job interview tomorrow

    So I've had plenty of part-time jobs for the last 6 years while I've been studying, but tomorrow I actually have an interview in a job that would start my career. maybe I'm just being pessimistic, but it's sort of not really in my area of interest but it's still a job. During the interview do you think I should fake I'm really interested in the area or be a bit more truthful that it may be something I would be interested in learning? if that makes sense

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    Always sell a positive attitude.

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    So you want to start your career but in a field which you have no interest?

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    let's say half of the job is my career but applying it to a field of which I have no interest, for the purposes of gaining a few years experience and then ****ing off

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    As an employer myself. Can I offer a little advice. Don't waste their time or yours. Personally I can see straight through people like that and won't invite them back for another round. Put your energy into something you do have a passion for. I spent too long working jobs that I hate or have no interest in before I just set up my own company in something I love doing. Why waste years of your life?

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    This question may be a little out of topic.

    I've had phone interview with Deloitte about 5 days ago and haven't heard anything from them since.

    How long do students normally wait for the company to invite them for a proper job interview?


    P.s I applied for internship.

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    Maybe a day or two after applications are closed. So if on the ad it said closing date for applications is 12/3/12 you should hear back by 14/3/12.

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    I've had some dealings with Deloitte too. It went a little like this.

    10 days ago - Phone Interview
    9 days ago - Sent me online testing to complete
    7 days ago - Called to tell me I have been selected to interview at the Wellington office but I said I wanted to interview with Auckland and not Wellington and they said they will reroute my application to Auckland and can't guarantee if Auckland will want to interview me.
    Current time - Have not heard back ever since. I think I should have just accepted the Wellington interview lol