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    Tauranga/Mount LAN Sat 10 March

    KISS IT Gaming is hosting a Lan party this Saturday at the Kiss IT offices off Hull Road

    Register your interest and more information at

    Join the Steam Group and Post that your attending and for announcements

    Lots of PC games will be played, including .... TF2, Battlefield 3, COD xyz, Trackmania Nations forever, HL2 Deathmatch, Quake Live, soldat, L4D2 versus, um I forget, BF BC2, OK Im lost now, Alan Wake and Single Player, Solitaire, YOU BLOODY Know where at a LAN right.
    We usually have most of the LANfest game servers in LAN mode there so we can dedicated server the games we play.

    Numbers are limited to 20 gamers (not for steam chat internet raper).

    This Saturday at the Mount. Starting at 1pm till late

    Tell a friend, tell the neighbours!
    Uber Karma for the one who bring the most friends!

    Bring some food money as we go off to KFC, BK, Pizza Hut or McDonalds for dinner, they are only a few minutes away. Drinks available from $2 to $2.50 (bring some coins) (Fridge is bung but might be go for sat)

    Unit 15 / 23 Tukorako Drive, Mount Maunganui
    (Off Hull Road, turn at Celtex, Next Driveway, just past the tuck shop)

    Email: for any questions

    Google maps for the lazy people

    Register to confirm your seat

    COST $2 GOLD COIN or MORE if your a GC

    T L DR : PC LAN party at the Mount, Cost is $2, 1PM to Late, RSVP for seat or try your luck at the door. Oh we game

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    You know, I might actually be able to make this one gunny!

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    NZ pipe band nationals that weekend in Tauranga, yeah boiiii!!

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    UPDATE:We are planning to fire up the BBQ so bring some cash to chip in for a run to the shops!

    Hope to see some new faces

    KISS Gaming LAN Sat 10th at 1pm, KISS IT Office, The Mount

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    farrrk, didn't see till too late (plans already).. will be keen for the next one

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    Camz wrote:
    farrrk, didn't see till too late (plans already).. will be keen for the next one
    Go onto
    sign up for email alerts and get a 1 week reminder

    We are having a LAN every second Sat of the month

    See you next Month if not today

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    Your gallery doesn't work.

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    Have done, what time do you guys normally go till?

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    We rap at 12am usually, 12 hours is enough for us. One time at LAN camp it went to 4am, I was already in bed.

    Have to say, a great game of Flatout 2 was had!

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    Easter Monday 11am to 11pm

    $2 Coin.

    Same Details as OP

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