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    Draytek modem codes (ADSL Firmware)

    Just purchased a new Draytek Vigor 120 modem.

    I was wondering if anyone has tested the different modem codes, listed here.
    They also have a FTP server,

    My current config is.

    Model Name : Vigor120
    Firmware Version :
    Build Date/Time : Aug 16 2010 11:13:23
    ADSL Firmware Version : 321311_A Hardware: Annex A

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    Hi Stormy,

    I put the "best two" options for each model at

    The "Recommended" (which the Vigor120 ships with) is what usually works best with:
    • Chorus cabinetised connections
    • Vodafone Red Network connections

    The "Alternative" is what usually works best with the old direct-to-exchange Chorus connections.

    If you aren't getting the results you'd expect, you can try the other codes on the AU site, but only try the Annex A/A2 ones.

    If you're having a particular problem, you can contact me through the above site or call me on 0800 ETHERNET.