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    Writing an invoice

    I'm talking to a guy tomorrow who runs a biz in a similar field (sole trader) but the input of others can't hurt. One question:

    - do I still need to put "Tax invoice" on it even if I'm not GST registered?

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    As you should not have included any tax on the invoice, I would think that there was no need for it.

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    Cheers guys

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    You should still write an invoice though, but no GST registration or GST amount

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    Another question has come to mind, do I need to list my IRD number on it? The sample I'm using (anyone have better examples let me know) is

    EDIT: okay, I do.

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    it can't show any GST amount(charged) as your not registered.

    ird example

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    Tax Invoice means invoice. and the customer may claim the amount in their tax, if a business. GST is another thing altogether and may or may not be included on the invoice depending on if the supplier or tradie is GST registered.