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    Cables / freeview splitter

    I have a tv in my room samsung 40 inch my aerial is rabbit ears and my flatmate has a tv in the lounge running with the outside aerial, both tvs are Freeview but the reception in my room is shite not even the rabbit ears do shit, what we wanted to do is run a cable through the internal wall from my tv to the lounge,are there freeview splitters out there and what type of cable would i need i probably need atleast 10 metres.

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    go to bunnings and get:

    2-way splitter (ftype)
    10m RG6 cable
    3 RG6 screw on plugs (might need to get one RG59 screw on plug depending on the input cable)

    cut cable so it looks like this

    Ground cable (silver stuff) fold back over the outer insulation. Plug screws over the top, to the point where that foam looking stuff is flush with the hole at the top of the plug (looking down)

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    shit drawing is shit

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    cheers for the replies

    i also found this site but wasnt sure what splitter to get