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    They had Cata/a year n half to try and make it better, instead they focused all the crap things.

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    Bailed out of Cata fairly early on like a lot of people, I actually like the sound of where they're headed with this expansion.

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    The first WoW expansion I genuinely give zero shits about.

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    won't be pulling me back

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    yeah forget wow once you have devoted 6-7 years of your life to this game, nothing can ever bring you back - whats done is done....

    might have been better to have made wow 2 after bc.

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    Still playin' here. Though have been inconsistent since Vanilla so maybe that's why I'm still in. It's still the best MMO on the market for PvP and PvE, I wouldn't be surprised if GW2 took away the throne for *serious* competitive PvP but it won't dethrone WoW's superior PvE/Raiding scene.

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    Roll on Diablo 3

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    not sold on all the alcohol themed mobs. I can see they already put in all the timesinks early to slow folk down ( no immediate flying ability , staggered daily quests etc )

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    Never played wow if that helps... Eve-Online was where it's at.

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    Bloody wrote:
    I can see they already put in all the timesinks early to slow folk down

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    Well if they didn't put in timesinks then everyone would blow throught the content and unsubscribe, what do you want them to do? Its unavoidable if you want to have any kind of substantial long-term model.