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    Great sub $200 Headphones

    Hello all.

    I am after a really decent set of headphones to use on my gaming rig and my macbook pro. I will be using them for games (BF3 and SWTOR) as well as music. I need a set that is good with both. I am hesitant to buy a pair like the logitech G35 of G903 because they are designed for games and as much as people say they are good with music I wonder if they have ever had or used hifi pair of headphones. One other problem for me is the mic boom on the headsets. I do a lot of study in the uni library and away from my house so I would like a set I can wear in public that doesn't look stupid at a desk.

    I am looking at these two sets currently but I would appreciate help/advice.


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    #2 great for games but not so sure about music

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    do you need isolation from outside noise? music taste? portability?

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    Well not so much need the isolation. But I sometimes play games while my girlfriend is asleep so closed headphones would probably be best. Music wise I like Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Led Zeppelin, Kasabian etc.

    I looked at the Audio Technica pair but from what I can see they are really big and not that great compared to others for $200 price mark.

    I want to be able to take the set to uni with me to study with but this doesn't mean they need to be portable and foldable etc. Just not large.

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    I would recommend the Sennheiser HD518s although they wont be suitable to take to uni, not portable and leak sound. I have a pair and love them.
    Brilliant for home use.
    For anything else I bought myself in-ear earphones Bainwavs M2 from
    They get great reviews from the Head-Fi crowd, better than sets double their price. Mine haven't arrived yet so can't comment on personal experience.

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    Cheers for the help all. I bought a pair of HD558s for $209 brand new. I have to say they are far better then I thought they were going to be. The sound stage they produce is detailed with voice in your ear and instruments positioned further away where they should be.

    The cans are best with music like Led Zeppelin, Kings of Leon, Coldplay, The Small Faces, Joy Division, The Jam and Oasis to name a few artists. They have a great sound for bass guitar which makes them perfect for these but if you are looking for headphones which have deep punchy bass these aren't for you.

    Gaming wise. I play a bit of BF3 and they are clear and detailed with good positional audio. I haven't tried anything like the Logitech surround sets so I can't give much input on that front.

    Final score 8/10

    Very very very happy.

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    Had a go with the HD518's today. Sounded pretty good, and comfortable too.

    JB's has them for $299, while other places have them for $180ish. Am I missing something?