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    Presuming ya know what ya doing could you unlock my 6950 and OC my 2500k i'll buy a ya a 40oz or couple boxes of beer or cash or something. I can come to you or ya could come here, I should learn but I am a nub and dun wanna fook it up will learn from seeing you do it.

    Giz a PM if keen.
    Can bring the PC ta you, or if you wanna swing my ways i am in Grey Lynn. Also can pick chu up or whatever if need be if ya don't have the transport chur.

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    what 6950 have ya got?

    exact model if you can provide.

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    What kinda 6950 you got? Not all can be unlocked

    edit. fu razorfoot :P

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    Revo, I got my whole system from you guys I came in the other day for the Portable HDD and RAM I had the afro haha :P

    ASUS 6950 got it in Jan 2011, was DEF unlockable.