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    3 Cars => Car Alarm + Install

    Looking to get car alarms installed on 3 cars

    2x Mazda demio 2003-2004
    1x nissan pulsar 1996

    Saw this deal

    Is the alarm any good?
    Is the price cheap?

    Anyone got alternatives?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    The alarm is shit, but if all you want is keyless entry I'm sure it's fine.

    price is average.

    Could try an AVS 3010 (or +)

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    generic alarm, average install. Perfect for the cars listed however Price is OK

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    Overpriced IMO, look around for an auto sparky that specialises in alarms and ask what kind of deal they can give you for 3 cars.

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    Is probably fine, if you don't care too much about the cars at hand.

    If you do,

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    ok what about some places in auckland???

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    i'd do it for that much as long as you didnt want all 3 done in the same day, i prefer to take my time and do it properly rather than churn them out to get it done, in my opinion it is a pretty good price if their install was good (doubtfull tho), wholesale on the 5 star uniden would be around 140-150, then an hour or 2 to install it "quickly" its not gunna be a great job on their part coz theyll be trying to pump them out quickly so they dont lose too much money

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    Anoroc wrote:
    Is probably fine, if you don't care too much about the cars at hand.

    If you do,
    I would agree with Anoroc's suggestion. Talk to Julian at obsessive^ you would be looking at around the same money and you will be a far better quality product and install.

    EDIT: I see you are in Auckland. In that case, send Julian an email and ask if he has an recommendations for installers up your way. He has been incredibly helpful whenever I have asked for advice. The guy is a car security boss.

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    Julian's recommendation for Auckland is Kishor from Autowatch.

    It will be a fair bit more expensive than what is listed there as I have spoken with them when inquiring about alarms. Much more suited to performance cars who want international standard alarms, you'd be looking at $500+ for the basic options.

    PM Stalk3r if you want a good deal on quality work, the guy is an electronics wizard!

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    i put on my robe and wizard hat

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