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    Some Images May Be NSFW

    I'm not sure if this will be an appropriate thread but since Cosplay fits under all these general terms and I haven't seen a thread for this I'd guess I would make one. I don't know any notable Cosplayer's in New Zealand or many for that matter, but I do have a few favourites.

    Not only are some of the costumes I've seen quite impressive the woman are quite the thing too!

    Feel free to post some images also!

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    Jessica Nigri is my favourite cosplayer. She has some awesome pics, and has cosplayed quite a few different anime characters from across the board.

    She gets a +1 having lived in New Zealand, before becoming an infamous cosplayer!

    She makes all of her own costumes & accessories, some of which look like they took forever to achieve. I wish they had con's in this region of the world

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    Stridey wrote:
    Jessica Nigri
    I met her at the last Comiket Market in Tokyo and had a small chat with her. She seems to be a very down to earth and nice person. She liked to talk about her family currently living in NZ.

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    Stridey wrote:
    I wish they had con's in this region of the world
    I do believe they have small Cosplay competitions (Don't think it would be anything like a Cosplay Con) at Armageddon Expo but I have never had the chance to attend any of them :'(

    Bring her to NZ! I really liked her Eloa costume. I saw one of her interviews on Youtube she seems really funny.

    Another favourite - Miss Fortune from League Of Legends (I think her real name is Wang Hui Xin)

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    The cosplayers Tomia, Tasha and Ren.

    This is originally from a blog here which i recommend you look at for due credit though I am not sure if this is the original site they came from just it has the most pictures.


    Sorry about the image overload but I am sure you will like them. If anyone can tell me how to code these into a smaller thumbnail form let me know thanks.

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    For A:LOK

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    Liger_zero wrote:

    For A:LOK
    is it me or is that person really tall?

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    just saying, but I will marry the girl that dresses up like Rei Ayanami and pulls it off. (she must also be good lookin)

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    Consolex wrote:
    is it me or is that person really tall?
    Hard to tell, no references in pic to be sure.

    It's on an elevated part w.r.t to the road though so that's probably got to do with it.

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    Kept looking at the picture to see if I could make anything from it but I could not.

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    Yuzuriha Inori

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    I have a massive folder of cosplay images, being a cosplayer myself.

    I'm Thor in this photo!

    Turns out most of my cosplay pics are on the laptop, which I cbf getting. I'll upload more at a later date

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    Ha, Awesome. I'm quite keen on going to the Auckland Armageddon after the Hamilton one.

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    3 Cosplay Ideas for Male

    Cosplay is a fun game in which you can dress up to play a character you really like. Today we are going to introduce some role-playing characters for male novices.

    1. Game of thrones -- Joe snow cosplay

    The game of thrones is so popular that the character of Joe Snow got a lot of attention in season 5, which brought him a lot of interest.

    Jon has stark features, slim build, long face, dark brown hair and grey eyes. As a loyal fan of the game of thrones, Jon snow is a very fascinating character, playing Jon snow will bring people's attention to you.

    2. My hero academy --todoroki cosplay

    My hero academy is a great work for men. Shoto Todoroki is a popular character in my hero academy. Shoto Todoroki's cosplay includes navy jumpsuits with regular belts, shoulder straps and bracelets. To complete your look, you may also want to make your hair and face look right. Of course, the most outstanding is his hair, Shoto's short, white and red, reflecting his eccentric side. He also showed the characteristic marks of childhood burns on his left eye. If you are looking for a suitable and compelling Shoto Todoroki cosplay costume, the one of the best cosplay costumes sale online store) is the place to browse.

    3. The persona 5 - Joker cosplay

    Joker is one of the main characters in Persona 5. He was a transfer student at Shujin college and had no power or influence at the beginning. But outside of school, he was known by many different names. The world called him a phantom, and the inhabitants of the velvet room called him a trick. His phantom rogue teammates know him as the joker and their leader. His goal with "phantom thieves" is to change society, and his plan is to commit illegal robbery and steal the hearts of corrupt people. Joker's costume includes a black suit jacket and a black shirt with the word "DANCE" in the front. Joker, who has short black hair and is fluffy, also wears black glasses, red checked trousers, red gloves, red shoes and a red rag hanging from his pocket. For more information about persona 5 cosplay costumes , click here.
    As a beginner, you can find your own role-playing character in the above role-playing ideas,Enjoy your role-playing activities.