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    Saved dog

    I really don't know the back story to this but to put it in short, my Aunty has a bulgarian friend and adopted this dog after finding it at a local dump.
    I'll let the images tell the story

    This is how this poor dog was found

    They took it home and tried to keep it warm with this jacket and the dog kindly accepted it, it was suprisingly friendly

    They had to be very careful how much they fed it at first

    Starting to get up and move after a few days of sleeping in warmth and having food and water

    Allowed to go outside at night time because it's grown some fur and can keep a lot warmer

    First time hanging out with dogs that he isn't having to fight for food with

    A lot healthier now!

    Look at me now

    Happiest dog in the world!

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    Amazing! Which country is this in? Great work

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    That's awesome! Great to see the doggy getting a shot at a happy life!

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    Holy shit, that is amazing!

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    ****ing awesome man if you just looked at that last picture you'd have no idea he'd ever been through anything like that .

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    Joe.NZ wrote:
    Amazing! Which country is this in? Great work
    This was in Bulguria.

    There's a lot more pictures but I didn't want to post to many, glad you guys liked it.
    It's always nice to see these success stories

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    Linx wrote:
    Holy shit, that is amazing!

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    So cool, heartbreaking first pics tho :~(

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    Sooooooo good! My dog is from dog watch and the other is a retired greyhound! Rehoming/rescue dogs wtf!!!!

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    Awesome stuff

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    First pics are so but then it gets all and
    Am glad the dog hasn't picked up any nasty habbits and is still happy to be around other dogs / people

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    Seriously though, the second picture looks like a human transforming into a dog. Werewolf man.

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    It's on reddit!!!

    The internets loves your family's work bro!!

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    The ****? Holy shit hahahaha

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    Just curious, why doesn't it have any hair to begin with? Is it a malnutrition thing?

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    I would say malnutrition as well as parasites causing it to scratch and bite itself so much the hair comes out.

    Way hairier dog now though again its amazing!

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    Amazing to see. A++

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    jdz wrote:
    The ****? Holy shit hahahaha
    Almost 90k views to the thread. You sir win the internets!!!

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    Posting in a famous thread.

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    NiNjA-Keeley wrote:
    Almost 90k views to the thread. You sir win the internets!!!
    but broke gp for a while

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    Gerter wrote:
    Posting in a famous thread.

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    Posting in a famous thread

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    spacejunk wrote:
    but broke gp for a while

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    Dear Reddit,

    Please go away.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Shikari who was unable to access the forums for most of today.