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    Just Cause 2 Multiplayer mod
    This is probably a long way from public release, but I just have to say that the footage released thus far looks frigging sweet.

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    Oh man, that looks awesome haha.

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    Me and my mate always had such a blast messing around in GTA4. I always thought that doing the same thing in JC2 would be 100x better. I hope this finally gets released.

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    Absolutely LOVED this on xbox360, considering picking it up for PC since I gave my brother my xbox, hmmmm...

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    No grapple !?

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    jdz wrote:
    Absolutely LOVED this on xbox360, considering picking it up for PC since I gave my brother my xbox, hmmmm...
    Pretty sure I got this for about $2 in the last big steam sale, you should be in luck next week.

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    Mean! JC2 rules

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    Awesome. Will def pick this up in the Steam sale now! It would be really cool if someone made a mod that combined the gameplay of Total Overdose with Just Cause 2. So you could do crazy bullet-time grappling manoeuvres while flipping off a wall.

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    Did anyone else think 'that's what BF3 should've been' while watching that trailer?

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    Someone send them the code so it can be put into JC3, game was a load of crazy fun by myself and I can't imagine it would be any less with multiplayer.

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    Played some of this during the beta test this morning. It was quite fun although still unpolished and glitchy as expected. I look forward to the improvements they can make in the future.

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    This only makes me think about the possibilities for JC3.

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    Another public test will be conducted in roughly ten hours.!/jc2mpdev

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    Crashing at launch for me

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    Working for me

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    inbetween the crashing this game is pretty fun

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    The Mile High Virgins:

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    I must get this for Pc now!

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    The Lost Island claimed my jet as well as these guys in a Airliner:

    MHC is Battle Royal central:

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    i parachuted all the way over to a far away airfield but nothing spawns there >_>

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    WM wrote:

    I must get this for Pc now!
    $9NZD on Amazon and you get 4 other games in the pack as well.

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    Looks like some ***gots have found away to spam the chat until the server crashes.

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    Is it down now? Just dl'd the mod, followed instructions but get a "outdated version or server down" message.

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    Yeah hasnt come back since the spammers crashed it.

    The server is down yes. We are looking into it. The server may or may not come back up this weekend. Depending on the damage done. Thanks for your patience.
    Back Online Now

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    Cool, but crashed a lot. This will be great fun once it's stable.