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    It looks like a fun hire not a purchase

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    Yeah, I didn't even finish the demo on PC. Looks better in-game than in cutscenes, the default keybinds are atrocious and the way they are grouped mean they are never quite right with m/kb. It's a lazy straight port of a pretty average game as far as the PC is concerned.

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    Loving the game's SP. I think Nolan North did an awesome work here....much better than AoT and uncharted series. Also his character swears appropriately than kane n lynch random f bomb bs....swearing gets crazy in the heat of the battle so it gives more realism to it. For consoles 360 is the version to get but both console versions suffer from that dreaded unreal engine texture pop-up syndrome. And if you want your moneys worth start on hard...some levels get very interesting.

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    I actually loved the ps3 demo It looked and sounded like a fun intense game.. (yes it's all about soldiers killing each other) I'm getting the game later in the week

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    Finished the game and the endings were top...there's like 4 endings! Bad path has 3 endings...loved'em all...good path sucked. One of the best stories for a 3rd person shooter I played to date...not like 50 cent's blood on sand MP is alright but I prefer ghost recon's mp....this one feels tacked on than fleshed out. I give it a 8.5/10

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    Holy crap. Just finished. Best War shooter i have played to date. That was an awesome story

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    I have just finished this game I can say this game does a good job in telling a story even with an aging to hell game engine and slighty clumsy controls. I think i chose the good ending but it was still brutal! Might have to replay later.

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    For anyone interested, Brendan Keogh is about to release a critical analysis of this sometime today (maybe early tomorrow depending on timezone). The story in The Line was my favourite game narrative in the last couple of years, so really looking forward to reading some more discussion

    edit: out now